Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Society Is Not Enlightened But Barbaric

Society, to appear more “enlightened” has become barbaric.

An enlightened individual will use logic, reason, and rhetoric to further advance society from it’s most primitive form. An enlightened society will resist those temptations which gnaw at them to embrace their animal instincts. We are not an enlightened society, but rather, a barbaric one.

Instead of using knowledge, society throws it away and prefers to use emotion to make its choices, regardless of the sanity in them. Society murders, steals, swindles, lies, cheats, and has sex with anything that walks. Society feels that it is okay to murder their offspring, simply because their offspring exists and is interfering with their carnal desires.

Society no longer believes that human life has value unless it agrees with their perverted lifestyle and way of thinking. In society’s mind, feeling is what dictates how we are to react and make decisions, not what is best for the individual or collective whole.

Society has devolved into the apes they emulate and believes they are better for doing so. The barbarians walk among us dressed in their fancy clothes and suave style.

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Cheaters Gonna Cheat

With all of the news about the adult affair site Ashley Madison filling their database with fake female profiles, I was left with one thought:


A bunch of cheaters are surprised that a cheating website lied about the number of female cheaters they actually had? What is the world coming to when cheaters can’t trust cheaters?

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Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman

My Facebook and Twitter feeds have become flush with pictures of Bruce Jenner, dressed as a “woman”. It amazes me how many people, both Catholic and non-Catholic alike, have come out to “support” his decision to become a woman. We live in an age where logic and reason have been thrown out the window and emotionalism determines right and wrong.


I refuse to show that hideous magazine cover making the rounds

Bruce will always be a man, no matter what mutilation he does to his body. Science supports this because he was born with a Y chromosome. No matter what alterations or surgeries he has performed, he will never be able to remove that dreaded Y chromosome.

Those who support his decision based purely on the argument “let *her* be who *she* wants to be” ignore the fact that Bruce needs to change. These same people argue that those who are gay should not have to change, but those who are transgender must change. It is hypocritical to force one person to change for their perversion, and to allow another person to stay the same for theirs.

Additionally, calling a man a woman is an insult to all women. What is to stop a man from waltzing into a woman’s bathroom, fully dressed and in all physical appearances a man, and claiming that he identifies himself as a woman? Only a couple of weeks ago, this man would be rightfully labeled a pervert. However, because you now “support” Bruce’s decision, you can no longer stop a man from walking into the ladies room.

For those Catholics who are openly opposed to pornography, extra-marital sex, and a litany of other sins, but have reservations with the out-lash that is properly being directed at Bruce, this is for you. If you are unable to condemn all forms of sin and perversion, then you have no right to condemn any forms of sin and perversion. All of your efforts to evangelize and teach sinners about the Truth and beauty of God’s love and authentic sexuality are for naught. You do not help bring people closer to the Truth, but push them farther away. When a sinner sees you showing preferential treatment towards another sinner, they will rightfully call you a hypocrite.

Bruce Jenner needs psychological help, prayers, and healing. The mutilation of one’s body is sinful. Acting out on unnatural behavior will not lead him to happiness, but despair, misery, and hopelessness. God in His perfection does not make mistakes, but humans in all of their imperfection do.

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“Well, I Personally Believe…”

Whenever I hear the words “Well, I personally believe…” in a discussion about theology, dogma, or doctrine, I am forced to think these following words:

Brace Yourselves

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you personally believe, but rather, that you believe what Jesus Christ has revealed to you through Himself and His Church.

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Attitudes Post Vatican 2

When the Second Vatican Council was implemented in the United States (and I would assume throughout most of the world), a lot of changes occurred practically overnight. The Mass practically changed from one weekend to the next. The Churches were stripped of their beauty, and everything was just different (from the accounts that I have heard).

Thoughts on Pope Benedict's Resignation

Many people left the Catholic Church. It was no longer recognizably Catholic. The attitude to this from what I have noticed is “meh, oh well, good riddance.”

However, when Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI said that the tree that is the Catholic Church would need to be pruned of its branches and become a smaller, yet stronger Church (reincorporate more of Catholic tradition), the attitude is entirely different.

“But, people would leave the Church! We can’t possibly do that! That would be horrible!” is the attitude you hear.

Apparently, if you are traditional, it is perfectly fine if you are no longer a part of the Church, but if you try to incorporate tradition within the Church, it is not okay.

Modernism at its finest.

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