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Heretical Garbage; For Research Purposes Only

Some time ago, I came across an image of a rubber stamp that said “Heretical Garbage; For Research Purposes Only.” You can use this stamp to mark any books you have that are heretical with it, that way you can have these books safely on your shelf without any worry.

I tried looking on the internet for this stamp but couldn’t really find one, at least nothing affordable. So I decided to make a version that is affordable and allows you to pick whichever size you want.

Over at the Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts Zazzle Store, you can find this rubber stamp is six different sizes and styles. You can also click on the below image if you’d like to go directly to the page and view it.

heretical garbage

This stamp would make an excellent gift for yourself or a friend who has a lot of books they don’t want to get rid of┬ánecessarily. It would be great to use for Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia or those Matthew Kelly books, specifically Rediscover Jesus.

Jeff January 12, 2017 2 Comments Permalink

Now Open: The Store

After a suggestion from a few people. I decided to open up a store. This came after my post Novelty Divides was published. You can get a shirt (many options available) with “Novelty Divides” on the front and the Romans 16:17-19 verse complete on the back.

Click to Make Larger

Click to Make Larger

I also have created a matching mug. You can also get this in various options. This one has “Novelty Divides Romans 16:17-19” on the front.

Novelty Divides MugThe Store link is available at the top or here. Happy shopping!

Jeff October 9, 2014 1 Comment Permalink

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