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Obama Supports Gay Marriage

I know in the past that I have said that I would not get involved in politics too much in this blog, but I have finally had it. I can no longer stand by as a practicing Roman Catholic and allow my opinion within the public sector to be kindly disregarded. As a Catholic and as an American, I have the right to vote with my conscience (for now).

Today, President Barack Obama came out in open support of homosexual marriage. This is huge news for the pro-gay marriage crowd, and further proof that his views are that of a revolving door. He’s only changed his mind about half a dozen times in the last 12 years on this issue. In 1996 he said “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” In 2004 (when he started campaigning for President) “What I believe is that marriage is between a man and a woman”. In 2008 (in time to sucker in some votes) “I believe marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now for me as a Christian, this is a sacred union”. Only two years ago in 2010 “My feelings about this are constantly evolving. I struggle with this.” To finally “I think same sex couples should be able to get married”.

What is really funny about the timing of everything is that I was actually thinking about writing up a post regarding how Catholic In Name Only Vice President Joe Biden and Education Secretary Arne Duncan came out this week in ardent support of gay “marriage”. There was much talk and speculation on how President Obama was going to toe the line for the election coming up. How can he pull off not being supportive of it when all of the people he surrounds himself with can’t be quiet about it? Well, apparently they felt that the best way to handle the situation was to just stop trying to pretend that he isn’t for it and well, support it.

As Catholics, we can not be in support of homosexual “marriage”. This is something that the Church has come out against and it is not something that we can discuss in the sense of changing the view of the Church. Similar to abortion and euthanasia there is no “changing the minds” and going for it. This being said, I pose the question, “how come Biden’s bishop has not come out publicly to denounce him and ex-communicate him?” What does it take to get the bishops attention and ex-communicate those who publicly come out and do damage to the Church? Speaking as a convert, politicians like Joe Biden do a lot of harm to those who are not in the Church. He acts as the spokesman, and it paints the Church in a bad light. Not to mention our enemies of the Church will still be enemies because no matter what the Church supports, it is not good enough for them.

I’m really tired of how this President has continuously stomped on the rights of people and those with faith. Catholics can not support a presidential candidate who goes against every core conviction that the Catholic Church has upheld. Obama has pushed for abortion, contraception, abortifacients, homosexual marriage and even as a senator he supported infanticide. This man can not call himself a Christian. You can not call yourself a Christian or even a Catholic if you vote for him.

Marriage is between a man and a woman. What I really don’t get about the pro-gay marriage crowd is theire constant ATTACK against marriage and the family. I call it an attack because that is precisely what it is. Marriage has always been a religious¬†institution. What does this mean? This means that it is administered by religious officials. This also means that whatever religion you are practicing, you are to follow their rules when you get married. For example, within the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis, engaged couples must 1) Go on a weekend engaged couples retreat where you listen to talks on how to behave as a married couple (this was very beneficial). 2) Attend an NFP course which consists of 3 classes. 3) Take an inventory, which is a questionnaire regarding thoughts on what you and your future spouse think and then discuss the results of this inventory with a married couple. 4 sessions. 4) Meet with your priest or deacon 4 times. If you do not do any one of these 4 things, the Archdiocese will not allow you to be married. The Archdiocese has every right to make these rules up. This 4 items do help, especially when you attend with an open heart and mind. Every religion has different requirements to get married.

But wait? Where are the crowds that say this isn’t fair? What about equality between two people who want to get married? Well, that’s right, you don’t hear about this at all. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone argue that the Church should allow a man and a woman to just get married without taking courses. Its because nobody cares about this, the “equality” crowd use equality as a term to get by without having to explain themselves. Its a shield term. You can’t argue with me if I say you are against equality and that you don’t want people to be treated fairly. Its very similar to playing the race card.

Similar to drivers licenses, marriage is a privilege, not a right, no matter how loud you shout that it is. Had the government not interfered with marriage in the first place, we would not be in this situation because each faith would say “yes” or “no”.

Another argument that I have heard being thrown around way too often is how people have come from a traditional mom and dad home and have come out screwed up from this. Well, sadly this happens, but putting a man and a man together or a woman and a woman will only intensify this. I do feel bad for people who come from broken homes, but society continually perpetuates the broken home lifestyle, because our society capitalizes from it. The family is supposed to be where good values, education, faith, morals and love are passed through, but far too often today, the family is torn apart and nothing is being passed on.

This may come to a surprise to most people, but, not everyone is perfect. Only God is in all three persons. Everyone is going to come out scarred from their family life because everyone sins and when we do, we hurt those around us. Any time a husband is rude to his wife and their children see, they are scarred. Any time a mother and father beat each other, or turn to alcoholism or any other sin or vice, it scars the family. Heck, any time that someone in the family does something someone else in the family doesn’t like, scarring occurs. It is our jobs as Christians and Catholics to grow¬†from these scenarios. That is the entire purpose of our lives is to continually grow with Christ as our guide and our source to achieve our only level on personal holiness that allows us to become Saints on Earth. It is rare, especially in this day and age that a person can come out of a family not scarred in some way or form. It is what we do with that scarring that makes us a better person or not. Christ can heal our wounds and we can learn that we don’t want to be a part of this bad behavior that our families have displayed. You just have to have trust and faith.

Love is only love when it is practiced in its true sense. Similar to a doctor who tells you that you must stop eating bad foods because you can die from it, the Church is there to tell you what you shouldn’t do because you will die from it as well. You may not die physically, but you will die spiritually. When we allow someone to commit sin by legalizing it, we are not helping them, but we are hurting them and allowing them to continually damage themselves by not giving them the proper treatment.

To end this rather long post, get out there and spread the word. President Obama must not be elected this year. Spend the moment with your friends and tell them why. Explain how another 4 years of President Obama will completely cripple our economy, remove all religions (not just Catholicism), deprive the country of whatever morals we have left and allow the government to rob us of every last dime that we make.

Spiritual Warfare

Lent is the perfect time to discuss the importance of Spiritual Warfare. I, as well as many often, whether they realize it or not, struggle with attacks from Satan and his minions. What is somewhat difficult to realize is that even with the realness of God, also comes the realness of Satan, for you can not have good, without having the exact opposite exist, evil.

When it comes to spiritual warfare, we must realize that it is a war that takes place over the course of our entire lives. Just like any war, it consists of many battles. Some battles we will win, some battles we will lose. We must always remember that we must fight each battle with our entire being. We must fight off that which is evil, in any form that it comes in, whether it be Satan, demons, or even in those that we encounter who constantly seem to be siding in with the evil ones.
We have many weapons in our arsenal that we all to often forget. When it comes to prayer we have the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), we have the Virgin Mary, Our Lady and Our Mother, Angels, our Guardian Angel, and all the Saints that we can ask for their intercession. We have Sacraments in the form of our Baptismal call, Confession and the Eucharist. We have many sacramentals in the forms of Holy Water, the Rosary, Scapulars, Medals and Holy Cards to name a few.
Its always important to understand and remember how difficult it is when temptation kicks in, that we absolutely must and need to use everything at our disposal to fight off the enemy in whichever form that they arrive. It is easy to give up and fall, but in the end you will feel great about yourself and know that you won this battle.
Temptation is always easy to give in to, which is exactly why its a temptation. Temptations are tests that God gives us, not for God to see how we stand, but for us to see where we are. God knows where we are in our temptations and struggles far better than we do. When we win, we know that within this struggle or battle, we are doing fairly well, we managed to hold off the enemy and it makes us stronger in the end. When we fall, we have to remember its time to get back up and get ourselves back in the battle. If we fall into the state of mortal sin, its important to get to confession, so that we can repair our relationship with God and ultimately be back in the state of grace.
Be wary always of potential attacks. Solidify your defenses and be immersed in God’s love. Ultimately, this will help you when the time comes and spiritual warfare begins to attack. We must never give into evil temptation when it rears its ugly head. Remember, the war is not over until we are dead, and if the war is won, our reward will be Heaven. If the war has been lost, eternal damnation will be our only reward.

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