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The USCCB Says It’s Too Difficult To Be Catholic On Any Other Day Than Sunday

The USCCB has moved the Feast of the Epiphany to Sunday this year. The reason for this is because the Feast is on a Friday and is close enough to move to Sunday.

hold up bro

It seems odd to me that the USCCB is always moving around Feasts and Solemnities because it’s too difficult for Catholics. When I first came into the Church only ten years ago, feasts and solemnities were on their respective days.

However, soon they began moving around holy days to Sunday if, for example, the holy day fell on a Saturday or Monday. It’s too difficult they told us.

But now, it appears they are moving feast days that fall on Fridays to Sundays now, as is the case with the Epiphany, so for those who still abstain from meat on Fridays, had to abstain still, even though it was technically the Solemnity of Epiphany, but now it’s on Sunday.

Isn’t it odd that the USCCB spends so much of their time talking about the need for religious freedom for all other creeds but makes it nigh impossible for Catholics to practice their faith on any day other than Sunday?

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