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Is Red Bull Anti-Catholic?

As I was watching a video online, I was presented with a rather crude advertisement for Red Bull. It begins with two young lads talking outside of a Church and what presumed to be a Catholic priest walking in. One boy asks the other, “are you sure this will work?” My immediate thought was, ok, how does “Red Bull gives you wings” have any effect on religion? Will the boy drink it and “beat” the priest to Heaven? Well, in short, he goes in and confesses adultery and the priest then berates the boy with questions on which woman it was. The boy says he won’t tell and walks out and tells his friend “I have two more leads!”

Seriously…is this what Red Bull thinks of Catholics? I don’t get how they believe that this is really going to help advertise.
I urge you to boycott Red Bull and complain to them here:
The video you can see here:


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