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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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On a More Personal Note

Its been an incredibly busy month, at least busier than I had expected it to be. I’m sorry that I sort of disappeared once the election results came in, but, no, I did not go and hide under a rock, nor did I move up to Canada.

I’ve actually been reassessing things lately. What is important?

Its a great question to ask. There is a lot going on. In regards to the blog, I am writing up my honeymoon post, as well as looking into kicking up the Mortal Sin series again. I am also prayerfully discerning what to put in for my conversion story, and what not to put in. I have publicly told my story before, but, I’m unsure what I should put out for “public viewing”. Since I am not a professional Catholic theologian/author/blogger, etc, I’m not sure how to put it out there.

I also started up a Facebook Page for this blog. You can find the link here. I did this more or less to help get more exposure to the blog, as well as to start a community for everyone to get together and discuss. Not to mention, if something is a “hot topic” it always provides good fodder for the blog.

So, in regards to the blog, I’m trying to get more posts up. I really am. I got sick over Thanksgiving break and was really hoping to get a couple of good solid posts up. I know its important to get good material up as well as posting regularly to keep traffic coming back.

On the side, I’ve started a Young Adult group through my parish and the neighboring parishes as well. It is strong with about 20 members. I am planning on giving a talk next month on how to “Learn, Live and Love the Faith”. I’m very excited about this, and of course, planning this talk is taking a bit of time. I’m wondering if it’d be a good idea to record the talk in case it turns out to be great. Or is that my ego going?

I have a side gig that I’m trying to grab motivation to work on, in between trying to get daily prayers, chores and everything else in, without losing my mind in the process. Some days I feel like I waste a lot of time and that time would have been “better spent doing something else”, but at the same time, my sanity is important.

Married life is going well. It is great! I really do enjoy it, even though it comes with its own unique challenges and obstacles that I wasn’t expecting. The changing dynamic of the relationship is still taking some adjustments, but I believe we are doing well.

So, that is a quick update on all that is going on in my life. I’m hoping that things “settle down” soon, but I’m beginning to believe that that won’t happen until I hit retirement. So, here’s to offering up the sufferings to my friends, family, and of course, you!

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Apologies and Topics

So, I just wanted to apologize to my readers. I’ve been pretty busy lately and well, more or less been neglecting the blog. I have a bunch of posts started, but of course, you can’t read stuff that isn’t posted.

I just went to Chicago this weekend for a wedding and am realizing that my 3 month anniversary is coming up. This to me is inexcusable as I have only put up a portion of the actual wedding. I will start cranking this out and will hopefully have both the 2nd part of the wedding and the honeymoon reflections up as well this week.

I also decided that I’m going to post some shorter entries here and there with just maybe a small nugget of info a bit more often. I think I try to go for the big ol’ long posts. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

Thanks for your patience. If you have suggestions for topics, feel free to leave a comment. I sometimes find it helpful when I have something to write about.

Maybe I will work on embedding a poll on the site and whenever I come up with topics or have them suggested, you can vote on what you want to read next. Highest topic gets precedence.


I have included a poll on the right hand side of the blog. It is under the list of other blog entries over here –> You can pick multiple entries as well. Have fun!

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Life Update

Life has been more or less going pretty well lately. I’ve been super swamped with wedding planning, now that the big day is only 40 days away. It is rather incredible what God has led me through in just these last few years. I wonder what He has planned these next few years.

I went back home this last weekend, hence why I was unable to come up with a more worthwhile post. However, I have a few posts in the works and I just was requested for another topic. Here is a sampling of the topics I’ll be covering:

How we can pray at Mass and get more out of it
The justifications of War and what makes war unjust
A movie review of “The Encounter”
A review on Matthew Kelly’s Dynamic Catholic event I attended a month ago
A review on “Rediscovering Catholicism” by Matthew Kelly
Mortal Sin against the 4th Commandment

So, I have a lot to write about. I even helped out with discussing the Minnesotan MarriageĀ amendment, which I suppose if I had to, I could probably make a good post out of as well. Its unfortunate that the piece was limited as you have to come up with more concise points, and I feel had the piece been longer, we could have elaborated a bit more. I suppose maybe I can use my blog to write more about it. We’ll have to see.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on how I can improve my quality of spiritual life. I suppose I could post a bit more on that with ideas on how to improve yours as well, but I’ll need to implement it first and see how that works. Like everybody, we each have our own spiritual journey to follow, and we need to be in charge of figuring it out. I always find it interesting how I come up with many blog ideas in my head, but fail to write them down. I should probably start carrying a mini notebook with me wherever I go.

If you could pray for me, I’d be very grateful. I’m content with the state of my life, but I know I can improve myself all the more. I’ve seen the potential that I have, and it amazes me that I’ve only just barely scratched the surface. If I’m doing all of this now, and this is just barely scratching the surface, what more is there?

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