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A Timeline of Pope Francis’ Craziness

For those of you who follow this blog, the Facebook page, or even my Twitter account, you know that I am highly critical of Pope Francis and the vast majority of his papacy. There have been times in which I have agreed with him, but it doesn’t occur very often. Many of my critics seem to believe that I am actively looking for screw ups so that I can be critical. Any blemish I can find I blow out of proportion to have an excuse to rant. In short, I’m an angry Pharisee, who is only happy when I’m putting others down. This can’t be further from the truth.


The truth is, I was initially optimistic about Pope Francis. I did have an initial gut punch when I heard he was from South America, as the Catholic Church is currently hemorrhaging and the fault is through her bishops and priests who allow for a litany of liturgical abuses to occur, all in the name of “ecumenicism” and “culture.”  But, when he stepped out onto the loggia, I thought he looked like Pope Pius XII and thought he might be okay.


However, after only a couple of weeks, I noticed things about him that were odd. Things such as refusing to bless people in fear that they might be offended, failure to wear the wardrobe of the Pope, placing beach balls on altars, and berating those who offered him rosary bouquets. I began following him on a daily basis. What did Pope Francis do today, I’d ask. And each day, he seemed to say or do something contrary to Catholic teaching or doctrine.

Now, three years later, I have seen a LOT of things that this Pope has done and the vast majority of his papacy is not well. I understand how those who do not pay attention on a regular basis would assume that his oddities are perhaps but one mistake out of an entire month. Rather, his oddities are daily, sometimes even multiple times in one day.

I’ve often wondered, if only there were a way to go back in time and keep a record of the things he has said or done day by day so that others might see what I am seeing. The amount of time it would take to put together such a website is daunting. Having to go back to the very beginning only a short, but long three years ago would be difficult as there is quite a list of things he has done or said and he does not stop.

Thankfully, a reader alerted me the other day how someone has indeed done just this. Over at the website The Wild Voice, they have put together a compilation of all the wacky and absurd things that Pope Francis has done since he took the throne on March 13, 2013. This website is updated as Pope Francis adds more to his repertoire.

I highly encourage you to take some time and read through this massive list. It may seem daunting, but you will see what I see and will learn how Pope Francis is not preaching the words of Jesus Christ or the Catholic Church. UPDATE 2/18/2016: I would only read through the list that I have linked. The rest of the site is related to false apparitions attributed to a false seer called “Maria Divine Mercy”. The list is good, the rest isn’t.

I also ask that you pray for the conversion of Pope Francis, that he convert away from the path he is leading and instead return to the teachings of the Church.

“May his days be short, and may his bishopric, another take.” Psalm 108:8

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