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President Trump and His Pro-Life Policies

President Trump is only a week into his presidency, and my goodness has it felt like Christmas every day.

Donald Trump Twitter

After the third debate, I wrote how we had a duty to vote for Trump to prevent abortions. I suspect that for many I was already preaching to the choir. Those that read that article were going to vote for President Trump anyways. I know some continued to scoff at me because they knew “he would never be a pro-life president.”

So far, President Trump has done quite a bit to squash abortions:

  • He’s signed an order to stop funding of Planned Parenthood International.
  • He’s signed an Executive Order to begin weakening Obamacare, along with Congress who are voting to repeal it.
  • He called out the media during his interview with ABC’s David Muir about their failure to cover the March for Life where millions of people march to protect the unborn.
  • Vice President Mike Pence will be speaking at the March for Life, something that no other Vice President has done (that I’m aware of).

And this is just wrapping up week one!

President Trump announced on Twitter that he’d be making his Supreme Court nomination pick next Thursday, so that’ll be exciting.

Additionally, President Trump has signed an Executive Order to build the wall. Many Bishops and priests are upset with this news, claiming that walls “do not represent the Gospel,” are “not pro-life,” and even “non-Christian.” Ironically, all of these Bishops and priests reside in houses with walls, doors, and locks. Jesus never said anything in the Gospel about not building walls (if you want to show me where He says that chapter and verse, I’m all ears) but references many times the need for walls and doors. An example would be when the five virgins who did not have enough oil in their lamps were not allowed into the party when they returned c.f. Matthew 25:1-13

We have a President who will promote the authentic pro-life (read anti-abortion) position. But while President Trump continues to defend the unborn, many liberal Catholics, and unfortunately some conservative Catholics within the Church will continue to stick their nose in the air and pretend that the “official” pro-life position encompasses everything that it doesn’t all the while ignoring the death of babies.

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You Have a Moral Duty To Vote Trump and Defeat Hillary Clinton

With the election looming only three short weeks away, we are hearing more and more Catholics and conservatives talking about something that seems rather absurd; voting for a third party candidate.

Photo taken by Gage Skidmore

Photo taken by Gage Skidmore

Why would I call this idea absurd? Simply put, we have Hillary Clinton, the most radical, pro-abortion candidate to ever run for President in this country as the front-runner of this race, according to polls released thus far.

Hillary Clinton has an excellent chance of winning this election, whether through honesty or rigged elections. The only other candidate who has an excellent chance of winning this election is Donald Trump, a man who has proposed giving us pro-life Supreme Court justices, willing to defend the 2nd Amendment, and many other pro-family values. He has also written a sincere letter to Catholics discussing the importance Catholics have had in building this country and how he will fight for our religious freedom.

No matter what your argument may be in Donald Trump not being “the best man for the job” there is a near zero chance of a third party candidate winning this election. Unless you can convince 60 million people to vote for said candidate in the next 20 days, you are throwing your vote away and allowing Hillary to walk away with this election.

In the third Presidential debate, Hillary admitted that she would put justices on the court that will make abortion legal for all nine months, up until the day the baby is ready to be born. If you are pro-life in the slightest, the very thought of this should leave you appalled, and this should send shivers down your spine. Babies who are ready to be born will die under this woman.

abort baby

But what I have discovered is that it almost appears to me that the Catholic “pro-life” Church in America might want Hillary to win. I have seen numerous Bishops (Archbishop Chaput for example), come out against both candidates, treating Donald Trump as bad, if not worse, than the most radically pro-abortion candidate in the history of this country, a woman who admires Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

In 2008, we were told that we couldn’t vote for Obama, but we had to vote for McCain.

In 2012, we were told that we couldn’t vote for Obama, but we had to vote for Romney.

Both of these men were known as soft Republicans who had no interest in running a pro-life platform, except for those pesky six months before the election. Romney ran all of his previous election campaigns for various offices under a pro-choice position. “Well, he is from Massachusetts, but he was pro-life.” McCain was another soft Republican who never did much for the pro-life platform. But with both of these candidates, we were told that we had to stop Obama because of his staunch pro-abortion stance.

Apparently, that isn’t the case anymore now that Hillary is the nominee.

In 2016 we are told to vote our conscience even though Trump has done far more than either McCain or Romney ever had with pro-lifers or Catholics. Trump has given us a list of 20 Supreme Court justices who will uphold the Constitution, and overturn Roe V. Wade when given a chance. But apparently, when push comes to shove, it’s easier to claim to be pro-life when it makes one look like a good Catholic than to actually put those principles into practice.

Catholics and every single person on this planet have a moral duty to stop evil. But all I see Catholics doing is getting up on their high horses, puffing out their chests, and pretending that they are so high and mighty by ignoring Trump and allowing Hillary to walk away with this election, all because they voted their “conscience.”

As Pope St. John Paul II says in Christifideles Laici:

Above all, the common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights-for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture-is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination.

The USCCB, in their document Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship write:

Sometimes morally flawed laws already exist. In this situation, the process of framing legislation to protect life is subject to prudential judgment and “the art of the possible.” At times this process may restore justice only partially or gradually. For example, St. John Paul II taught that when a government official who fully opposes abortion cannot succeed in completely overturning a pro-abortion law, he or she may work to improve protection for unborn human life, “limiting the harm done by such a law” and lessening its negative impact as much as possible (Evangelium Vitae, no. 73). Such incremental improvements in the law are acceptable as steps toward the full restoration of justice. However, Catholics must never abandon the moral requirement to seek full protection for all human life from the moment of conception until natural death.

Pope Pius XII, in his March 16, 1946, letter to the Pastors and Lenten Preachers of Rome, wrote:

The exercise of the right to vote is an act of grave responsibility, at least when there is the question involved of electing those whose office it will be to give the country its constitutions and its laws, particularly those which effect, for example, the sanctification of feast days, marriage, family life and school, the various phases of social life. It therefore falls to the Church to explain to the faithful their moral duties which derive from their right to vote.

Again, two years later, Pope Pius XII strictly commands:

It is your right and duty to draw the attention of the faithful to the extraordinary importance of the coming elections and to the moral responsibility which follows from it for those who have the right to vote. In the present circumstances it is strictly obligatory for whoever has the right, man or woman, to take part in the elections. He who abstains, particularly through indolence or cowardice, commits thereby a grave sin, a mortal offense.

Photo by Roaming Catholics

Photo by Roaming Catholics

Anybody who decides not to vote, or votes for a third party candidate (their “conscience”) commits a mortal sin. Thus it is important that you form your conscience properly, and use it to stop evil.

Every single vote matters in this election and for Catholics who want to continue down the pro-life, pro-religious liberty, anti-contraceptives in health care, pro-traditional marriage path, I don’t see them rallying around Trump, the man who is going to stop Hillary. Hillary has promised that she will throw Catholics under the bus.

I urge you, to take what could very well be your last stand against evil. Protect innocent life. Cast your vote for Donald Trump.

Or you can stand on your pedestal and vote your conscience. We’ll both be in the gulags if Hillary wins.

Catholic gulag

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President Obama is Re-Elected

To all of you who voted for Governor Mitt Romney, you now know that President Obama has been re-elected.

This is quite a devastating blow to most, especially since we were expecting skewed polls and a Romney win, either slightly or not so slightly. Any hope of repealing Obamacare is now gone.

The good news though, is that not much has changed…the House still lays in Republican control, and the Senate still stays in Democratic control. How people think the country is not doing so well, yet absolutely NO change in power ANYWHERE, baffles me.

I think there is better news though. Jesus Christ is still king and ruler of Heaven. God in the Holy Trinity is still in control. The Holy Spirit has not left us, and we can still look to Our Father’s mercy and justice.

Not all is lost.

That being said, we each have been given a new job by President Obama’s re-election. We have also been given this job by Pope Benedict for the Year of Faith. This job is for us to get to learn our Catholic faith, and to really start living our Catholic identity.

To be a Catholic, you have to live out your faith. This is our universal call. We are also universally called to become a Saint, although, we all know that we are far from that path. But, many sinful men and women have heard the call, and answered it.

Learn about your faith, and when you are approached regarding your Catholic faith, defend it. This is your job, as well as mine.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I TRUST IN YOU!

Keep up the good fight! For religious liberty, for Truth and for an end to all societal evils that are now deemed “norms”. And most importantly, for Christ and His Church!

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Obamacare: The Mandate Stays As a Tax

Wow, apparently I was way off on my prediction last night. I’m kind of surprised, but, at the same time I’m not.

I would direct you to the Motley Monk’s opinion on the matter: I feel that it is a good read and provides some hope for what is to come.

Regardless, I think that this will make it even more difficult for Obama to be re-elected. I also feel that a lot of Democrats will have difficulty with elections this year as it is the status quot to stick to Obamacare. They will do their best to stay away from the issue, but, Republicans will make a big deal out of it.

Republicans are going to have a big year this year. My hope is that if they do take the Presidency, the Senate and keep their lead within the House, that they will actually fulfill their promise and scrap the whole thing, or at least take out the pro-abortion, pro-immorality pieces out of it. We need to keep our politicians honest. We vote for them to do what they say they are going to do. If you vote for someone who says they will repeal Obamacare and they later don’t do it or vote against it, it is time to give them the boot the next time they run.

As a Catholic, Obamacare CAN NOT stand. I’m concerned with what we will be forced to buy in the future…this is a bad decision that later on down the road, not doing anything the government tells you to will be seen as a tax and can thus be imposed. Our liberties and freedoms are at stake here.

I do believe though, that the HHS Mandate will eventually be ruled unconstitutional seeing as that is going against the First Amendment, but we will see…

Pre-Obamacare Ruling Thoughts

Obamacare will be going up before the Supreme Court tomorrow. My guess is that the entire mandate will be struck down 5-4. I’m really hoping that that is the case, as I specifically recall learning in school that when the Supreme Court looks at a law, if a part of it is ruled unconstitutional, the entire thing gets thrown out. It seems that today, rules don’t apply.

I will admit that there needs to be some kind of a change with the way the insurance/health care industry runs, but I do not think that the government should be the one to impose their thoughts on it. I really think that a group of people should get together and start their own company. Ideally, many groups of people can start many different companies. This would provide competition among themselves, as well as competition among the current companies out there.

Unfortunately, a lot of the reasons why health care costs are so insanely high, are because of government imposed regulations that are currently out there. I personally feel that if you get rid of those regulations you will be able to greatly lower costs. Other reasons are because malpractice insurance is so ridiculously high. Doctors should be held accountable, but they are human too…how often do you make mistakes in your job? Should you get sued? I didn’t think so.

From a Catholic point of view, there should be a more affordable health care system. The difference though, is that it should be up to us, the Church, to come up with this system, not the government. We do not rely upon the Gov, but we do rely upon God. The Catholic Church already gives out healthcare universally. It is far more efficient than anything the government could ever hope to accomplish.

Hopefully, I’m right, but a lot of opinions that I am reading thus far are that only the individual mandate will be scrapped. If thats the case, I’m not really sure how Obamacare will be able to stand its own ground, considering most of it is built off of this one mandate. It’ll be interesting to say the least. I think, regardless of what the ruling is, President Obama will have a very difficult election year.

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