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A Weekend in Madison

This past weekend, I had the honor and privilege of seeing my friend, the Reverend Deacon Chris Gernetzke, get ordained by Bishop Morlino to the Deaconate of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin. I have never been to an ordination of any sorts, so I was unsure what to expect.

When my wife and I arrived at the Bishop O’Connor Center, we were looking out for some friends that I had met on Facebook. We met one couple outside in the parking lot, and chatted for awhile in the main lobby. While we waited, we noticed Father Richard Heilman of Pine Bluff come in the door. After some waiting we went in to pray before the Mass.

As Mass started, the procession was long. We saw Fr. Z process in in choir and he had his biretta on. No other priests had their biretta on. Even Deacon-Elect (at that moment) Gerntzke processed up, and I was moved. He had quite the man-lace on. Bishop Morlino also processed in after many priests did so. It was rather an awesome experience.

The Mass, was very reverent. Bishop Morlino managed to give about a 20-25 minute homily. He had 4 points, though I do not recall them all. I do recall how he mentioned a great point to give in regards to married priests. If Catholics give like they do when they don’t like the priest (not much), how is a priest supposed to support a family on that kind of an income? On top of that, how is a priest, who is supposed to love his flock, going to love them if they are mean to his family and taking away their food?

Bishop Morlino also talked about how he calls it as he sees it. Truth is truth. As an example he said he was “chubby wubby” and would not get offended if someone called him that.

The rest of the Mass was very reverent. Deacon Gernetzke did an awesome job. After he was ordained, he vested, and he ad some pretty awesome looking vestments. Solid gold. Nice! All in all there were 3 new Deacons. Apparently the Diocese of Madison has had many years where they had no vocations. Pray for vocations to the priesthood.

Afterwards, my wife, friends and I all went to an Old Chicago for some celebratory food and brews. We had some great conversation about all things Catholic. I asked about how they held their hands in prayer and why their thumbs were crossed over each other. They politely informed me that all of my prayers up to this point didn’t count because I was doing it wrong. Kidding, of course.

The next day, we awoke rather early and went to Deacon Gernetzke’s first preaching Mass. They had quite a few priests who con-celebrated as well as another Deacon. There were several other Seminarians who were also assisting. Deacon Gernetzke gave an excellent homily about Mary, and what the Deacon’s role is in the Church. The Mass was also reverent even though the parish wasn’t exactly the “prettiest”.

A fun fact, the Church was shaped like a fish! Groovy!

All in all though, the Mass was good. Everything was say the black and do the red. There was a nice reception afterwards. We talked with Deacon Gernetzke, for a bit. He informed us that Sunday morning he would be doing an Extraordinary Form with Fr. Z!

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Unfortunately, we were not able to attend this. However, we were able to go to Pine Bluff with Fr. Heilman!

Fr. Heilman has done an excellent job at restoring and preserving tradition at St. Mary’s in Pine Bluff. I have only spoken with him on Facebook and then briefly before the ordination. When we walked in, he was standing right there and recognized us and welcomed us. Traditionalists can be welcoming too! We chatted for a bit and then proceeded to walk into the Church.

Everything had been restored. Absolutely amazing. Fr. Heilman brought in new high altar and two side altars. He got rid of the coffee table altar that is generally used. He celebrates the Mass Ad Orientem, that is, back to the people. He reinstalled the communion rail. Everything looked pristine. It was like being transported outside of time itself and into Heaven.

St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff with new Altar Rails. Via Fr. Z.

Father Heilman had an excellent homily about how complaining is unchristian. He said that we as Catholics should not be seeking what is comfortable, but what is uncomfortable. We have to bear our crosses daily. He also talked about how awesome soldiers are and that we need to become an army for Christ and His Church. This was a manly homily that called every single one of us to not be content with the ordinary. We need to live our lives for Christ and be obedient to Him and His Church. We need to be good Catholics.

The music was incredibly prayerful. I have heard some of the songs before sung by various different choirs, including the dreaded Praise and Worship choirs. However, this time, it was sung from the heart with the organ. It was prayerful. It reminded me of listening to one of those chant CDs. The songs we sing (or preferably chant) at Mass need to be sung from the heart and need to be prayerful. Its not a performance. You don’t need to be a pop artist. You just need to do it.

Father said Mass intentionally and to the T. He wasn’t trying to entertain us. He was there to say Mass. There was something great about the consecration as well. Reverence. Real reverence at the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. You can tell that he believes it (the real presence), reveres it, and worships it.

We received communion at the communion rail and on the tongue. It was incredible. It was beautiful. I was overwhelmed by emotion that Father believes and encourages that we should receive in this regard. I have been criticized a few times and even denied communion for kneeling and receiving on the tongue. Father Heilman has a great article on why we should receive on the tongue AND kneeling. I suggest you read it.

I have lately been a critic of the Novus Ordo. Mostly, because I felt that it was not as good as the TLM. I still feel that the TLM is better, but after going to Fr. Heilman’s Mass, I am not entirely convinced that the NO should be completely abandoned. The Novus Ordo, in order to succeed, needs to be free from any form of irreverence and influences from the world.

Father Heilman’s Novus Ordo celebrated Ad Orientem felt as if I had indeed gone to a Mass that took place outside of time and space. This is how every Mass should be celebrated. Restore the sacred. Say the black and do the red. If you ever get the chance to go to St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff, GO! It is well worth it.

Please keep Fr Heilman and Deacon Gernetzke in your prayers. Deacon Gernetzke will be Deaconing or Sub-Deaconing two more EF’s in the month of June in the diocese of Madison.

The Double Standard at Catholic Colleges

By now, you have read about what happened at Fisher-More College in which Bishop Olson took away the Extraordinary Form of the Mass or Traditional Latin Mass. There have been many developments from both sides. Here are some of the details:

  • Some have suggested that the priests who celebrated the Mass were illicit. Fisher-More claims they are from the FSSP. However, other reports have commented that the two priests from the FSSP had left.
  • There seems to be some shady dealings in regards to the President of the school.
  • The school has hosted some controversial speakers on the other side of the spectrum and the President has refused to disassociate himself from said views.
  • Some are suggesting that the President leaked this story in order to politicize the TLM.

To me though, taking away the TLM in order to punish the President is the dumbest punishment that a Bishop can do. Let me explain.

The Mass is the Mass, it is Holy. Taking away the Mass and saying that “it is a danger to your soul” is the lamest excuse I have ever heard. If the Mass is Holy, then how can it be a danger to someone’s soul? If the TLM and the NOM are equal, then how is getting rid of one and replacing it with the other going to fix the problem?

It doesn’t. It shows that those who are against the TLM are more than eager to say and act and profess a feign interest that it is equal, but all in all will try to get rid of it the second people start asking questions. Meanwhile, the students get punished when the issue is between Bishop Olson and this President.

If the priest celebrating the TLM was invalid, then Bishop Olson should either celebrate the TLM himself, or find a priest who is going to celebrate it. If there are shady dealings going on within the school, the Board of Trustees can handle it, after all, this is a private institution. Many other schools host some controversial speakers who blast the Church on all sorts of moral issues, you know, kind of like Notre Dame hosting President Obama, and honoring him. How this is different, is because its traditional, and those who hold to the Truth always get thrown to the lions. And finally, if the President is using the TLM as a weapon, then take the weapon away from him, and only him. Don’t ban gun usage because one idiot is dumb enough to not use it properly. Don’t hold Jesus hostage in the Blessed Sacrament as leverage either.

Meanwhile, I read from Cardinal Newman Society that over at Boston College (you know, another fine traditional Catholic University, oh wait never mind) that they are having, get this “Sex Positive Week” which included Erotic Dancing Instruction after the Ash Wednesday Mass. At Boston College, they only celebrate the NOM. I’m fairly positive that if we wait, the Archbishop of Boston will force them to stop saying the NOM because it is “a danger to their souls” and will have to only say the TLM.

Eh, probably not.

But there in lies the problem. If you are an enemy of the Truth and an enemy of tradition, you get a free pass, to do whatever you want. In fact, you might even get encouraged and praised from prelates and priests in saying that you are thinking outside of the box. Meanwhile, those who fight tirelessly to regain the traditions of our faith, that have been ransacked and pillaged by those same enemies, will be persecuted again and again, in the name of being “pastoral”. They will be censored, tossed into the corner and declared crazy.

If the Traditional Latin Mass is the same as the Novus Ordo Mass, then taking away the TLM will not fix the problem as the NOM will just continue the issue. What Bishop Olson is really saying is that he does not agree with the TLM, there are already a couple in his diocese, and that is plenty for his liking. Bishop Olson either doesn’t believe in the true presence in the Eucharist at the TLM, or is an active enemy against it.

Let’s see if I’m wrong and let’s see if Bishop Olson will be just as “pastoral” for liberal groups who are openly dissident against the Church. I won’t be holding my breath.

Of Masses and Acronyms

As I’m sure that most of you who frequent this blog have noticed, that I mention the Traditional Latin Mass or TLM for short, very often. I also talk about the Novus Ordo Mass or NO for short as well.

I’ve thought about it, and it occurred to me that a lot of people do something rather silly when talking about the two Masses. I do it as well! What is the silly thing?

We aren’t doing our acronyms correctly! People generally say NO Mass or TLM (no separated Mass). So, here’s my fix. Why not use the acronym NOM? If the Mass for the Traditional Latin Mass is abbreviated, shouldn’t it be abbreviated for the Novus Ordo?

So, from now on, I declare that the Novus Ordo Mass should be abbreviated to NOM. Please watch the video below, so that you can memorize this new acronym.

Nom nom nom!

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