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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Discerning God’s Will In Difficult Decisions

For the Catholic who is attempting to discern God’s Will, it is difficult to determine when we are going after our will and not God’s.

Ultimately, every decision we make should be in accordance to God’s Will. Now, sometimes our will matches that of God’s, but many times it doesn’t.

From what I have discovered along my journey through the Catholic faith, there are times when I know that God wants me to do something and it is obvious. I simply put my options before God during some time of silence, and it becomes ever apparent what God’s Will is. This practice eventually becomes so easy that you don’t even have to ask, you just know. This occurs when you have a regular prayer life with God and are obedient to Him. The signs become apparent.

However, there comes that time, when decisions are no longer obvious. The gut reaction is to think “God has abandoned me, what do I do?” This is just what happens within our fallen nature as humans. Keep your chin up, it isn’t as bad as you think.

Generally when this happens, it is a sign that you have matured in your faith. God has shown you His Will up to this point and based on what He has shown you, it is now up to you to determine what is His Will and what is not.

Let’s look at it in another light. A young child is in constant need of their father to point out good and bad. Yes, you can have this, no you can’t have this. Don’t do this, do this. The child may or may not come to his father for this guidance, but the father is there nonetheless to ensure that he is not getting himself in trouble. When he gets older, his father isn’t always going to stand over him to make sure that he is doing everything that he needs to do. Now, depending on what is going to occur, he may intervene, but he will gradually let go in order to let him decide what is right and wrong based on what he has taught him.

This is exactly how Our Father in Heaven operates. When we are immature in our faith, we need constant guidance in order to ensure we aren’t getting ourselves in trouble. Similarly, when we have matured, He will be watching us (as God always does), but we have to make the tough decisions ourselves.

We will make poor decisions in our life, but ultimately God will still love us and be there for us in those times. It is critical to note that God never wants us to choose any action that is evil or sinful. Sinful amusements are never in tune with God’s Will simply because God never wants us to sin, as sin cuts us off from Him. If the choice you do make is a sinful choice, go to confession.

There will be times too that God will allow an opportunity in which it appears to have a lot of pros and very few cons, but He wants us to stay either where we at, or take the option that isn’t obvious. Time in prayer will help alleviate this. If you are having difficulty, talk to a trusted spiritual director.

Prayer: How to do it!

Spend much time in prayer, and get a trusted spiritual adviser. Having someone who is more experienced in the faith and closer to God will help you in figuring out those situations where there is no easy answer. Pray, fast and always stand vigilant.

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Living Life for Our Father

I was in Adoration with the Lord last night and I will say that it was a rather amazing experience, as it usually is. This time however, I experienced a new way of putting God first in my life.

Let us think of it this way. Jesus is the Ultimate Father and we should live our lives according to His commandments along with any other direction He gives us. We should not do something because of an individual in our lives, but more or less for Him. Yet, for some of us, including myself, it is difficult to put that into perspective. What I mean is, it is far easier to do something when there is a physical being in front of us and we can see their emotions based on their actions.

When we sin, we upset God, it is basic doctrine and understanding. When we do this, we can go to confession and be forgiven if we are sincere in our apology. This makes it also difficult because God, as easily as He is offended by our sin, He is also as easily ready to forgive us and forget our sins. When we have a physical person there, we see the long-term effects of that sin, no matter how grave or venial they may be.

Going with this philosophy, let us now think of it this way. Speaking from a man’s point of view, when I am ready to venture on into the Sacrament of Marriage, I must first ask permission of my ladies father. I must have earned his respect and demonstrated that I am perfectly able to take her into my home and love her as she deserves and be able to raise a family with her. In order to have gotten his approval I would have had to show him that I am mature and responsible enough to have gotten this far.

While this is a good way to demonstrate how we should act when trying to pursue into this intimate relationship, it doesn’t work all the time. What about when her father isn’t around? What about when she isn’t around? One must behave maturely at all times, not just when certain people are around.

Since Jesus as I mentioned earlier is the Ultimate Father, He IS her Father. With this mindset, it does not matter what state in the dating/courtship/marriage process we are in. Since we must always be showing our love for God in our entirety, we should think of trying to prove our worth to Him. He knows who we are going to end up with, and thus, we should always be proving our love as well as our maturity to Him.

If we are indeed proving ourselves to Jesus, we know that we are showing our love to Him, which will only allow us to open ourselves up to loving others as we should love ourselves. When we show God that we are willing to put Him before anything else, we are being loving and following in Christ’s footsteps. We are indeed being Christian.

This should be our inspiration. When we look at God as Father of our future spouse, we can be more willing to be able to live our lives the way that God had intended.

For women, it is a slightly different analogy. You don’t have to ask permission of your future husband’s father in order to marry him. But, at the same time, you want to be able to make an impression on his father to know that his son will be marrying an amazing woman who will be a loving wife to his son as well as an amazing mother to his grandchildren. Jesus IS your future husband’s Father.

This idea is such a good motivation for living a good Christian life. This is how Jesus wants us to be, it is a good mentality to have when trying to live your life set in the footsteps of the Only Son of Our Lord. You are not living your life this way because you are being forced, but rather, so that you are proving that you can live your life in a way that will be respectful for your future spouse, in all that you do, inspired by God. He is the Supreme Father and showing that you have put Him in your life first, as well as doing all that you can to impress Him by obeying Him you are setting yourself up for whomever He has set aside for you.

May God bless you on this wonderful day.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on Us
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for Us
St. Joseph, Most Chaste Spouse of Mary, Pray for Us

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