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Lenten Plans 2012

So, Lent is finally among us yet again. Its that time of year that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love Lent because it allows me to take control of my life once again. I give up a lot of things that I have determined to be not good for me, and I overall become a better person. I always fall back into the trap of self-indulgence over some time period AFTER Lent is over, but I’ve noticed in past years it takes longer and longer before I give in. I hate Lent because, well, I always feel under attack. I feel like a weight is crushing me more and more and that weight doesn’t remove itself until Christ has risen on Easter. Good Friday and Holy Saturday are quite possibly the worst days of the year in my opinion.

I’ve talked before about what you should consider giving up and how there are 4 aspects to each person that we should consider when Lent comes. We should be always mindful of these 4, just because it will make us a better person year round, but I digress. Those 4 things were: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional. You can read more about that post here.
This year I’m doing I suppose something similar to last year, although I suppose its a bit more intense as it will be on a regular basis. Last year some of what I gave up were only on certain days (pushups and situps every other day) where as now what I’m doing is all of my goals EVERY DAY.
17 Day Diet– No beef, no sugar, no non-wheat products, no cheese. Pretty much I’m only allowed to eat chicken, pork, turkey, wheat products, vegetables, fruits, yogurt and that’s about it. I’ve done this diet before and it works well at losing weight. I’m going to add prayer to it and do this for the duration of Lent (40 days). (Physical, Giving Up)
P90-X– This is an intense workout and I actually have already started it. I’m noticing how much healthier my body has become in just the 3 workouts that I already have done. I played basketball yesterday and wasn’t as tired as I have been before, but of course, I did suffer an embarrassing injury that side-lined me for the rest of the game. (Physical, Adding)
Scripture– Again, I tried this last year and don’t know what happened, I just stopped I guess. I did start at the beginning of the year and yet again, stopped. I love reading it, I just never can force myself to pick it up. Go figure. (Spiritual, Adding).
I am missing two things from the list of four I gave. I’m not doing anything mental (har har) this Lent as I read at lunch and during the day. I’m not really sure how I could add to this. I suppose I cold make sure I do it every day, but I figure some days I just need to break. Also, with a wedding coming up, I figure I shouldn’t play around with my emotional health too much, as I’m stressed as it is. This year has been super rough in that department, and God has done a lot of work at allowing me to grow in maturity. I don’t need to play around here.
Hopefully you all have a great Lent. I will get back into discussing mortal and venial sin shortly.

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Ash Wednesday

Happy Lent! Yes, I know, its Lent, that means no more of those little things that we enjoy most in our life. But, at last, we are imitating Jesus, when He went into the desert for 40 days to be tested and tempted.

So, it being Ash Wednesday, today is a day of fast and abstinence! What does this mean?
Fasting- Eating only 2 small meals and 1 average size meal. This means no snacking in between meals. For example, I will be eating a Fiber One bar for breakfast (small), a cup of Shrimp Flavored Ramen (small) and probably a slice of fish, some veggies and something else for my normal meal.
Abstinence- This is the practice of abstaining from flesh meat. This includes beef, pork, chicken, goose, etc. You can abstain by having seafood (fish, shrimp, lobster, etc) or not having any meat, fruits and veggies.
Its important to realize that it is ok to drink. The only stipulation on this is that if the drink can be considered a meal, that it would count as one of your meals. For example: You can have milk, but a milkshake would be considered a small meal. This is important to realize. You can also drink coffee, unless, of course, you gave it up for Lent.

Hopefully this helps you if you have questions. For some reason its easy to forget what the rules of fasting and abstinence are, but its important for us to begin Lent on a good note. Good luck to you on what you gave up, and remember:
All Fridays are days of abstinence…so no meat!

Lenten Plans

Well…its that time of the year again. Ash Wednesday begins in less than two weeks. The funny thing is that about two weeks ago I was psyched for it, I couldn’t wait for Lent to begin. However, the excitement has dulled, mainly because I dread the emotional turmoil I seem to go through every year at this time. I know spiritually I get attacked and tested much more during Lent, after that Advent, which, makes sense. Lent being a time of preperation, repentance and giving up of earthly desires for Jesus’ Crucifixion and Ressurection seem to be a great reason for Satan to attack when we are most weak. After all Lent is just like Jesus being led to the desert to be tempted by Satan.

What to give up? Well, I have already decided this. It is a mix of what I gave up last year and years past, but last year during Lent I suffered a slew of different medical problems that forced me to pretty much only do one offering. But, I digress:

No Sugar – I actually gave up sugar last year for a month for other reasons and was impressed with how healthy I felt afterwards, so, why not, its a tough addiction for me.
100 Pushup Challenge and 200 Situp Challenge – I started these last Lent with very good results, however, I had to go to physical therapy and was told that I couldn’t do pushups and I gave up on situps out of depression. ( and
Read Scripture – I’m disappointed in myself for not pulling out my Bible enough. So, one chapter of the Gospel and several chapters of the Old Testament should be sufficient.

I think that for Lent we should try to add or subtract 4 things if we are able to. That should be our goal. We have 4 aspects to our human persona, no matter what state we are at in life.
Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional.
Mental- We have a brain that God has given us to use for good. We should try to add something educational or take away something that doesn’t help. (E.g. Read something educational, Give up TV or Internet) (I am not giving up or adding in this as I am already doing a lot of studying for my career, I am unsure if I am able to add more, I may get rid of my Netflix subscription if I spend too much time using it).
Physical- Our bodies are a temple. We need to keep them active and healthy. (E.g. Exercise, give up sugar or some sort of food).
Spiritual- Our souls need their nourishment too. It is important to add or subtract an activity that will help us grow in holiness. (E.g. Read Scripture, Pray, Mass).
Emotional- Our emotions also are needed to be controlled.
There are many other activities you can do for Lent. It really is up to you and if you haven’t given up anything for Lent, I suggest you start this year. Ash Wednesday is on March 9. For those who may not know or have forgotten, Ash Wednesday is a day of Fast and Abstinence. Fasting as in 2 small meals and one normal size meal, no snacks. Abstinence as in abstaining from meat. Fish and seafood are permitted. Fridays are always days of Abstinence and finally Good Friday is another day of Fast and Abstinence.

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