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Election 2012

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President Obama is Re-Elected

To all of you who voted for Governor Mitt Romney, you now know that President Obama has been re-elected.

This is quite a devastating blow to most, especially since we were expecting skewed polls and a Romney win, either slightly or not so slightly. Any hope of repealing Obamacare is now gone.

The good news though, is that not much has changed…the House still lays in Republican control, and the Senate still stays in Democratic control. How people think the country is not doing so well, yet absolutely NO change in power ANYWHERE, baffles me.

I think there is better news though. Jesus Christ is still king and ruler of Heaven. God in the Holy Trinity is still in control. The Holy Spirit has not left us, and we can still look to Our Father’s mercy and justice.

Not all is lost.

That being said, we each have been given a new job by President Obama’s re-election. We have also been given this job by Pope Benedict for the Year of Faith. This job is for us to get to learn our Catholic faith, and to really start living our Catholic identity.

To be a Catholic, you have to live out your faith. This is our universal call. We are also universally called to become a Saint, although, we all know that we are far from that path. But, many sinful men and women have heard the call, and answered it.

Learn about your faith, and when you are approached regarding your Catholic faith, defend it. This is your job, as well as mine.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I TRUST IN YOU!

Keep up the good fight! For religious liberty, for Truth and for an end to all societal evils that are now deemed “norms”. And most importantly, for Christ and His Church!

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Election Day 2012

Go vote! It is your civic duty. Vote Pro-Life, vote Catholic, vote Freedom!

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Election Tomorrow

The election is tomorrow. More than likely, I will stop commenting on the political sphere and get back to the religious sphere, unless of course the two intersect…which based on how President Obama has done such a stand up stellar performance of making them intersect on such a regular basis (funny, considering the Democratic party is for the separation of church and state), will be still quite often.

If Governor Romney is elected, I’m hoping I won’t have to pay attention too much, but will if necessary, comment on poor decisions when they affect the Catholic sphere.

Go out and vote tomorrow!

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The Democratic Party Doesn’t Like God: Changes Vote Without Majority

It is becoming more and more apparent that the Democratic Party HATES God.

If you are a Democrat AND have your faith rooted in God, what is keeping you there?

It is very clear that the Democratic party is split 50/50 if not more so for not wanting God as a part of their party’s platform. It makes sense. You can’t be the party of abortion, birth control, same sex “marriage”, Euthanasia, and all other heinous acts and still say “I love God”.

The Democratic party is moving away from God. This means that any of your beliefs that stem from your faith will be ignored by your party (if you are a Democrat).

I will admit, watching this video is hilarious. Its no surprise that even though there was no 2/3’s majority the motion still passed, just look at how many Executive Orders Obama has passed without having a majority behind it. So much for being the party of Democracy.

The look on his face is great as well.

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