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The Battle Leaves One Weary

Today is a day that I do not feel like writing. But I am going to force myself to, because staying silent only allows the enemy to continue his onward march while the Truth is suppressed at every turn.

I’m finding it difficult to write mainly because I have lost hope in humanity. Now if you read my blog on a regular basis, I’m not speaking of you. On the contrary, I’m speaking of those who refuse to recognize and submit to the Truth no matter how it’s presented to them. We see the truth take the forms of the Gospel and the humanity of aborted babies.

In the last month, there have been seven videos released that explain the corruption behind Planned Parenthood and their destruction of little babies. The abortionists and other PP employees even admit to these babies as not clumps of cells or a fetuses, but as babies. They harvest the organs of these poor babies and sell them to the highest bidder.

A couple of months ago we were fighting the battle that the baby was a clump of cells or a fetus. Pro-abortionists would not recognize the humanity of these innocent children. We now have visual proof that these are indeed human babies (because somehow pro-choicers don’t understand science), and instead of admitting how disgusting, revolting, and evil these acts are, they tell us that it’s okay, because it’s legal.


We are dealing with the utmost evil of individuals when they will look at an aborted baby and continue to support it, despite that they are looking at an aborted baby. There is no way one can look at the above image and not come to the conclusion that they are looking at a baby, a baby who has no ability to defend himself as he has the slightest inkling as to what is occurring around him. A baby who relied upon his mother to nurture him and take care of him, only for his mother to end his life because he was likely deemed “an inconvenience”.

Too many people are engrossed in their own wills that they refuse to look at reality and submit. They choose to be their own gods by destroying the most vulnerable of children, all the while throwing a temper tantrum because a dentist shot and killed a lion in Zimbabwe in which the Zimbabweans could care less about. The astonishing take away from this is the utter hypocrisy we see from these people in which they act as if they are completely free to do as they please, while infringing upon the rights of everyone around them, denying them up to the point of death as in the case of abortion.

Meanwhile, many Catholics are completely in denial or gullible in their belief that the Synod of the Family is going to be good for the Church, or thinking that Pope Francis will reign in these dissident bishops. They claim to love Jesus Christ Truly Present in the Eucharist, but their love for Jesus in the Eucharist is so minute that they have no problem in allowing those who are in public mortal sin to receive Him, despite the doctrinal teachings that say otherwise.

There is a lot of evidence to demonstrate how Pope Francis is trying to run the Synod into the ground, especially with his remark on how Cardinal Kasper’s theology is serene. But no matter what evidence we present to our fellow Catholics to demonstrate these truths, we are met with resistance, papolatry, and are returned with spiteful, venomous, and uncharitable retorts. The unforgivable sin today is not denial of the Holy Ghost, but rather, to not stick to the status quo of the post-conciliar Catholic Church, even though the PC Church has failed Catholics and Jesus Christ for the last 50 years.

I believe we are at a point where those who want to be on the side of God are already there. There are very few fence sitters that need convincing. Everything has been thrown onto the table and those who want to follow the Truth have already done so.

Even though the battle is beginning to wear us all down, I think it is important that we continue to evangelize in whichever medium you are called to. Whether that is writing, blogging, debating on Facebook or Twitter, talking to your friends, family or colleagues. At a minimum, we might grab a few more over to God’s side. More importantly, we will continue to encourage each other to live a good, holy life that is pleasing to God.

While the world is falling apart around us, we must keep our eyes toward Heaven and know that our trust is in the Lord, and that we are not alone in this fight. It will get rougher, but we need to stay strong. GO TO CONFESSION WEEKLY. GO TO MASS. PRAY THE ROSARY DAILY. Stay in a state of grace so that you may have the graces necessary to overcome adversity when it presents itself, as well as to be ready for judgment if you are called by Our Heavenly Father.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy on us.
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us.

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What Is Blasphemy?

Awhile back, I posted on what the unforgivable sin was. I remind you about it because the other day I received a comment from a reader and I wanted to address it.

Jakob says:

“I don’t understand these words of Jesus fully. Sometimes being in despair and blaspheming against God is the most beautiful and painful prayer which God will fully understand. I mean, my God.
I would take the words more metaphorically: it’s all about the love of God.”

To me, the term in question is the proper definition of blasphemy. Using the Concise Catholic Dictionary of 1943 (CCD), we read that blasphemy is “any word or act insulting to God or to holy things. It is a sin against religion and may be aimed directly at God, or indirectly by contempt for His Church, His saints, or sacred persons or things.”

Based on this definition, it appears that blasphemy, properly understood, is specifically when we insult God or use His name in vain.

Despair is defined also in the CCD as “the contrary of hope; the state of being hopeless; deliberate act of the will by which one turns away from salvation, considering it as impossible of attainment.”

It appears that despair is not necessarily a blasphemous act, as despair is the deliberate act of the will and turning away from salvation. I would argue that Jesus was not in despair when He was on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” Seeing as Jesus was perfect in His Divinity, this would not be sinful. Jesus could not commit a sin. Jesus is actually quoting Psalm 22 by saying this.

Being in a state of true despair and true blasphemy would be completely sinful, as we are not only denying God in His mercy (despair), but we would also be insulting Him (blasphemy).

In my opinion, what Jakob is referring to with “My God”, is similar to the statement of Jesus on the cross. It is not a despair of hopelessness or blasphemy, but it is an honest discussion with God in complete frustration and coming to Him with this frustration. If you are still going to God, then you are not in despair, just be wary that in your frustration you are not insulting to Him.

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