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Satanists Are In Need of Prayers…And A Beating

A happy and blessed Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary to you. Normally, today would be a Holy Day of Obligation, but because today is Monday and everyone just went to Mass yesterday, the Bishops have decided that it would be too difficult to go to Mass, *gasp* two days in a row! But that’s a discussion for another post. Today, I want to talk about the disgusting and vileness of Satanists and one way we should handle them.


Satanists in Oklahoma will be blaspheming Our Lady with one of their disgusting “ceremonies” today. I won’t go into the detail of what these Satanists are going to do, as I don’t want to give them the satisfaction that innocent minds and souls will be exposed to their putrid displays of hatred for the Truth. The amazing thing about this is that from what I can tell, there have been no statements made by bishops within this country calling for prayer and/or fasting against this demonic attack against our faith and our Blessed Mother. But, don’t worry, if Donald Trump says something mean they will call a press conference immediately to let you know how upset they are.

Satanists are possibly the saddest and most pathetic souls to walk this vale of tears. In some regard, Satanists are stronger believers than many Catholics. Most Catholics believe in the Real Presence of the Eucharist; Satanists don’t believe it. They know it to be true.

Satanists blasphemy Our Lord by desecrating the Eucharist during their black masses. They know the Eucharist to be the Physical Manifestation of Jesus Christ, and instead of bowing down to worship Our Lord, they stamp upon Him, they trample Him, and they do many vile things to Him.

They do the same thing to Our Blessed Mother, except they are even viler.

We should pray for these poor souls, as that is the charitable and Catholic response. But in all seriousness. Why are we not beating the living Hell out of these people?

After all, St. John Chrysostom said that one should sanctify their hand by striking the mouth of a blasphemer who refuses to recant their error. Not only do these perverts refuse to renounce their erroneous and diabolical beliefs, but they get off on them…literally.

Why is it that Catholics are so timid to do anything but pray? If a rapist was to announce publicly that he was going to rape someone at a specific location, would we just sit outside that location and pray for his conversion, all along allowing the victim to be raped? Here we are, our victim being Our Blessed Mother and the best that we see is that there will be a prayer rally outside.

At one time, Catholics would have rushed in to interrupt these vile displays and would even bring priests along to sprinkle exorcised water. But today, we see that only prayers will be offered.

Now, I know what you are thinking. “Wow! This is some super violent behavior, so not Catholic!” Let us recall the time that Jesus went into the temple and made a whip of cords and literally beat the snot out of those who were desecrating what was Holy, that being the House of the Lord.


If Jesus went so far as to beat these people for exchanging money and selling items within the temple, how much more deserving of a beating of someone who is desecrating the Holy of Holies of Our Blessed Lord or His Mother? Is Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior that much more Holy than a Temple? Is His Mother, who was conceived without sin, pure throughout her entire life, died a beautiful and holy death and then assumed into Heaven, both body and soul, not more Holy than a Temple?

It is not violent to ask these questions as desecration of the Holy should make your blood boil. It is not “non-Catholic” to ask these questions either, despite the amount of effort put forth to make Catholic men act, behave, and think like women. And that isn’t a slight at women, as men and women have differing duties in the realm of the physical and the spiritual.

But I know there are some of you out there who are thinking that I am not being a “good Catholic” because I write this article. And that’s completely fine, you’re entitled to your opinion, even if it’s wrong. And while you sit there thinking how much better you are because you don’t think this way, I’ll say a couple of things. First, you’re a coward because you do not love Our Lord enough to defend Him with your life. Second, your pride is showing.


For those who can’t be there, continue to offer up prayers, as they are powerful. For those who are actually in the area, do something. Deus Vult!

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Pokemon Go and Evangelization

Pokemon Go! is currently sweeping the United States and soon, the world. If you don’t know much about this game, I’ll fill you in.

pokemon go

Pokemon Go! is a GPS location-based game, meaning that you download the app to your phone, turn on your GPS, and walk around until a Pokemon pops up on your screen. Many are playing this game and are congregating at important landmarks called “Pokestops.” These Pokestops can be found in parks, cemeteries, statues, famous or odd landmarks and most importantly, churches. Pokestops are also not one time events either, but rather they are constant, meaning that if your church or chapel is already a Pokestop, it will continue to be so.

I know a bit about this because Pokemon Go is built off of another game made by Google called “Ingress,” in which you capture and defend these same landmarks from competing players on the opposite team. In Ingress, players on either the Blue or Green team go around and capture portals and try to defend them from the opposing team, making them stronger by linking them to other portals of the same color. Over the course of three years, Ingress players have submitted hundreds of thousands of landmarks to Ingress to add them as portals within the game.

Ingress, while prevalent in many urban areas and even suburban areas, never took off to achieve the same popularity that Pokemon Go has achieved in as little as 12 days. Everyone of all ages seems to be playing it. In fact, just going around town on my bike the other night, I must have bumped into at least two dozen people playing it, and I admit, I was too.

Is it a silly game? Yes. But it is an interesting concept, especially to those of us who played Pokemon as kids. I know I wanted to be a “real life Pokemon trainer” and go around and catch Pokemon, and now I can. It’s also amazing to see how many of my co-workers are playing and has encouraged us to spend time away from our desks for some good old fashioned camaraderie.

But going back to Pokestops, I think that we have to admit that Catholics have been given an opportunity that we haven’t had before. People are coming back to churches. No, not to pray, but to play. They stop outside the Church to visit the Pokestop and get some gear to continue playing the game. These Pokestops have a 5-minute window where the player must wait before activating it again. We need to realize that while yes, from all outside perspective we are dealing with something rather silly, but at the same time, people are no longer afraid to step near a church anymore. So what are we going to do about it?

We need to consider approaching these kids, teens, young or older adults and invite them into the Church. Protestants will take advantage of this game and invite these players to their church for worship or prayer or what have you. Heck, they may even play with them! But what are we going to do? Are we going to give them glares and tell them to get off of Church property (mind you they don’t have to be on the property, just within the 30-yard range) or are we going to give them something to fill that void? Are we going to bring them closer to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and help guide them into the Catholic Church (or back to the Church for those who have left)?

There is a very real possibility that this might be our only chance to approach them and teach them about Jesus and salvation on our steps. I can tell you that I have already seen three teenagers outside of my local Catholic Church playing. I was running late for confession, so I did not stop to chat with them, and they had left by the time I had confessed, but they sat on the steps of the Church. We shouldn’t be afraid of messing up evangelization either, as we can at the very least strike up a friendly conversation with them. Invite them to come in and pray. Invite them to Mass. Offer to show them what Catholics believe and why. Each and every person is different, and thus there is no “right” way, as what may work to bring one person into the Church might not work on another. And Jesus never said that we had to convert them, but to plant the seed.

This game has made people far more comfortable with the churches than ever before, and we better get the most out of it, because Jesus wanted us to become fishers of men, and He wants to catch them all.

Image courtesy of Catholic Memes

Image courtesy of Catholic Memes

Catholics Embracing Protestantism

Many within the Catholic Church seem to embrace an idea that the Church should adopt Protestant practices. She should adopt these practice to entice Protestants or fallen away Catholics to come into the Catholic Church.

martin luther

But does this make sense? After all, the term Protestant means to protest the Catholic Church.

So the Catholic Church adopting Protestant practices to appeal to these fallen away Catholics and Protestants make about as much sense as the Republican party adopting the ideals of the Democrat party to draw in Democrats or Republicans who have left the party. Or about as much sense as the Church proclaiming the Protestant Reformation to being a good thing.

Oh, wait a minute.

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Three Years of a Pope Francis Papacy

It has been three years since Pope Francis took the Petrine office. Three long years. His papacy has been nothing but disastrous for the Catholic faith, with Papal audiences shrinking in size. He has caused an enormous amount of confusion not only to the faithful but the entire world as to what Catholicism is and what it means. He has given the impression that Catholicism can change depending on who is the current Pope.


From the beginning of his papacy, he has been manipulating the liturgy to allow for women (and especially non-Catholic women) to have their feet washed during the Holy Thursday liturgy. But Pope Francis had been doing this for many years prior. The difference though was when Pope Francis was only a Cardinal Archbishop he was abusing the liturgy by doing this. Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI had both washed the feet of men, the latter washing the feet of priests. It was a beautiful representation of the Vicar of Christ washing the feet of his priests, much like Jesus washed the feet of his priests that night. It was a moment in which we transported back in time.

However, Pope Francis continued his abuse of the foot washing as he became Pope. His defenders said the Pope can change the liturgy though he didn’t. In fact, it wasn’t until January that he changed the liturgy. So really, what has happened is an abuse for the last 2,000 years has just been made permissible by the Holy Father.  But the message we hear is how this is more inclusive and more “Catholic”, and those who disagree are not Catholic.

There is a parable that Jesus tells us in the Gospel of Matthew 25 of the shepherd who separates the sheep from the goats. The shepherd will take the sheep with him, and the goats will be taken away. It seems the purpose of this papacy is to do exactly that. Those who adhere to Jesus’ teaching and that of the Church are the sheep, and those who adhere to this Pope’s teachings and ignore the Church’s teachings and traditions are the goats, along with all non-Catholics.

However, the difference though is Pope Francis actively tells the goats that they are good sheep and lavishes them with praise. Meanwhile, he berates the sheep and accuses them of being poor sheep and goat-like, making them think they are not good.

Even more disturbing are those otherwise faithful Catholics who seem to be enjoying his beatings. Pope Francis supporters are every day becoming more masochistic, enjoying the fact that the current Pope berates them for being Catholic. In today’s world, it is Catholic not to be Catholic. When Pope Francis harps about an attitude from the Catholic perspective, these Catholics will nod their head and praise “the spirit” for sending us a Pope, who is looking to change things (and not for the better). There is quite the difference in encouraging Catholics to be more Catholic by examining their faults and lambasting Catholics for being Catholic.

This papacy, God-willing, will not last for much longer, as I’m not sure how much more the Church will be able to bear. Remember, when Pope Benedict XVI abdicated the throne, that very night lightning struck the top of St. Peter’s. Many thought it was an ominous sight.


Looking back, we can confidently say that that was a warning shot from God letting us know that He was not pleased. These last three years have done no good for Catholicism, with the only benefit being how many more people have rediscovered authentic Catholicism. Continue to pray and fast for the Church and this Pope, and pray that his successor will uphold authentic Catholic values.

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Pope Francis Snubs 2,000 Years of Church Teaching…Again…

Two years ago to the day, I wrote my first post in which I was highly critical of Pope Francis. I received a lot of backlash from many close friends in which they accused me of starting to go off the rails and questioned if I was really on team Catholic. By the end of the night, I had received so many complaints from such close friends and even family that I ended up pulling the article and apologizing. It was the first time I had ever retracted a post and it has haunted me ever since.

None of the thoughts I had in the article have gone away. If anything, they have become stronger since my original article was published and have been validated by some of the antics performed by Pope Francis.

Seeing as this is the second anniversary of publishing and pulling the article, I have decided to republish it. What you will read below is the original article with only minor edits made for grammar and to clarify any points that I feel need further explanation. This article was the first time in which I felt that calling Pope Francis a heretic was not only warranted, but justified based on the teachings that Christ and His Church has given us. We see further evidence of Pope Francis’ disdain for Christ and His Church only recently when the Bishop of Rome while meeting with Lutherans, informed them that if they could receive the Holy Eucharist during Communion if they discussed it with God and felt called.

It is even more important that we revisit this article as it is the Year of Mercy and we must understand that the mercy that Pope Francis speaks of is not the same mercy that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ speaks of throughout the Gospels.

Originally posted on February 13, 2014:

Today, during his Wednesday audience, Pope Francis said:

“If you do not feel in need of God’s mercy, if you do not feel you are a sinner, then it’s better not go to Mass, because we go to Mass because we are sinners and we want to receive the forgiveness of Jesus, to participate in His redemption, His forgiveness.”

This statement is contrary to 2,000 years of Catholic teaching.


I understand some of you want to defend him, as he is the Pope after all, but this error cannot stand. This statement is a blatant disregard for church teaching, and can not be defended as a “well if you look deeper” moment.

His statement isn’t a “well what he’s trying to say is that you should want to go to Mass. Otherwise, you shouldn’t go” moment either. Obviously, the soul who, in his humility and full understanding of the Mass and Christ’s presence in the Eucharist and His sacrifice on Calvary, would desire to go to Mass. This statement says nothing of that.

Let’s use another analogy. What would happen if I was to say to your child “if you do not feel that you are in need of your parent’s mercy, or feel that your room is dirty, it is better that you do not clean your room”? You would tell me how crazy I am and inform me that your child would not clean his room. Ever.

Similarly, the poor soul who thinks that they do not need God’s mercy because really, we are all good people, and when we die we go to Heaven no matter what (another heresy), will think that they do not need to go to Mass.

No matter how you look at it, if you replace it with any scenario it comes out wrong, especially the fact that we are required as Catholics to attend Mass every single week.

I’m tired of hearing the nonsense that comes out of Pope Francis’ mouth. (And how much more nonsense has he spewed in the last two years?)

Unfortunately, there is nothing charitable to be said about what he said today; it is just wrong no matter how you spin it, or how you look at it. Yes, we should want to go to Mass as that is the desirable attitude we should strive for continually.

However, giving an ambiguous statement like this is irresponsible, reckless and, unfortunately, is a condemnation of these poor souls to go to Hell. It permits anyone who is Catholic in name only, and doesn’t feel like going to Mass can now say “well, Pope Francis said I don’t have to go to Mass unless I want to”

Missing Mass on Sundays without a serious reason (and by serious I mean something that will prevent you from going such as dangerous weather, No Mass within a reasonable distance of going, or for health reasons) is a mortal sin. If we die with unconfessed mortal sin, we will go to Hell. That is 2,000 years worth of Church teaching. That is dogma.

Frankly, I cannot wait for the heresies of this papacy to end. Pope Francis has made a mockery of the pontificate; he’s made a mockery of the papacy, and he has made a mockery of the Catholic Church.

These mockeries would not stand in any age of the Church, but only in the post-conciliar age where anything goes, as long as it feels good and makes you happy.

Pray for Pope Francis and pray that God will not let this travesty continue however He sees fit. May Our Lord’s Holy Will be done and may you stay in a state of grace.

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