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A New Blog Name

I’ve been mulling this idea over for quite some time. I have never really been happy with the name of this blog. Frankly, I consider myself a Traditional Roman Catholic and this blog was just my thoughts. Hence…Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts.

Frankly, I think the name is too long. I’d like something shorter, and cleverer. I’m unsure what the new name would be. On top of that, I want this one to stick, no more jumping around (I believe I’ve named and renamed this blog several times, so I want to be happy with a new name).

I thought I’d open up suggestions to the readers. I’d hopefully be able to reserve an actual domain name so that instead of going to something even longer (and difficult to remember, such as trcthoughtz (what a crummy name).blogspot(really?).com.

I look forward to hearing what some of you suggest. Remember, this is my blog. If I don’t like the name, I don’t have to use it.

On a More Personal Note

Its been an incredibly busy month, at least busier than I had expected it to be. I’m sorry that I sort of disappeared once the election results came in, but, no, I did not go and hide under a rock, nor did I move up to Canada.

I’ve actually been reassessing things lately. What is important?

Its a great question to ask. There is a lot going on. In regards to the blog, I am writing up my honeymoon post, as well as looking into kicking up the Mortal Sin series again. I am also prayerfully discerning what to put in for my conversion story, and what not to put in. I have publicly told my story before, but, I’m unsure what I should put out for “public viewing”. Since I am not a professional Catholic theologian/author/blogger, etc, I’m not sure how to put it out there.

I also started up a Facebook Page for this blog. You can find the link here. I did this more or less to help get more exposure to the blog, as well as to start a community for everyone to get together and discuss. Not to mention, if something is a “hot topic” it always provides good fodder for the blog.

So, in regards to the blog, I’m trying to get more posts up. I really am. I got sick over Thanksgiving break and was really hoping to get a couple of good solid posts up. I know its important to get good material up as well as posting regularly to keep traffic coming back.

On the side, I’ve started a Young Adult group through my parish and the neighboring parishes as well. It is strong with about 20 members. I am planning on giving a talk next month on how to “Learn, Live and Love the Faith”. I’m very excited about this, and of course, planning this talk is taking a bit of time. I’m wondering if it’d be a good idea to record the talk in case it turns out to be great. Or is that my ego going?

I have a side gig that I’m trying to grab motivation to work on, in between trying to get daily prayers, chores and everything else in, without losing my mind in the process. Some days I feel like I waste a lot of time and that time would have been “better spent doing something else”, but at the same time, my sanity is important.

Married life is going well. It is great! I really do enjoy it, even though it comes with its own unique challenges and obstacles that I wasn’t expecting. The changing dynamic of the relationship is still taking some adjustments, but I believe we are doing well.

So, that is a quick update on all that is going on in my life. I’m hoping that things “settle down” soon, but I’m beginning to believe that that won’t happen until I hit retirement. So, here’s to offering up the sufferings to my friends, family, and of course, you!

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Spiritual Discernments

I’ve been trying to figure out what direction I am being called within many things. There are a lot of things going on within the realm of my Catholic spirituality that I’m trying to figure out. Mostly the things I want to talk about, the talks I’d eventually like to give, potential books I’d like to write, the Young Adult group I’m trying to start, my faith life, my career direction and even my current prayer routine (yes, our careers are part of our faith journey as they are our vocation).

Its kind of frustrating to some point. I’d like to be able to say “yes, I will write Saturday for two hours between the hours of noon and two”, but of course, you can’t always force the keys on the keyboard to input into the text editor to display onto the screen the words that you’d like to say or that the Holy Spirit is guiding you towards, they are either there or they aren’t (although sometimes they can be summoned). So, I’d like to at least keep up putting out a post a week at minimum, but its tough. The frustrating part about it is that a lot of times I’ll have something incredibly awesome I’d like to share, pull up the editor and *poof* its gone. Incredibly frustrating.

So, I think what I need to do, is spend more time pulling out the laptop when I come up with something and just start writing it down. That, or when I do spend the time writing I just write what comes to mind. I want the words to flow forth like that of St. Paul, St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, but alas, I am not them. I think that is the most difficult thing for me to realize is that I am me and my writing habits are different. They were also much older and all I have heard about are their successes and not their defeats. Who knows how many times St. Augustine put the ink quill to the parchment before coming up with his masterpiece “Confessions”? I suppose it’ll take time, and I believe that my writing is improving as I am discovering myself through this process.

Eventually, I’d like to give talks on my conversion story and other aspects of Catholicism. It is something I am passionate about. I love discussing and teaching the Faith, which is why I began teaching Religious Education two years ago. I am taking the year off as my plate is already full, that with the Young Adult group and other ministries that I am hoping to be a part of. But, I feel that I have the gift of speech, as I have noticed I seem to be able to find common ground with my audience and bring them in when I talk. Or maybe I’m just full of myself, you tell me.

I think the biggest part of my life is getting into a good prayer routine. I discussed this awhile back about figuring out what you want to do with your prayer life, and when you figure that out, to keep a note about it somewhere. This is important, and I’m beginning to question if a month is too long to determine if something is too much or too little. Some weeks, nothing is going on, and it would make more sense to add more, and some weeks there is a lot going on and it’d make more sense to drop a few items. I say this as I have yet to complete an accurate one month portrayal (I’m currently half way through), as I seem to make it about a week, before forgetting about it and getting off track. Trial and error is apart of life as it is a part of our spiritual journey. Remember that.

I’m currently working on a bunch of posts simultaneously. I’m hoping to have another post this week of something with a bit more substance, just because I have such a huge back log of posts that I want to put out, and because I want to be more regular with posting. There are many things going on in my head.

If you could offer up some prayers for me, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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Questions About the Faith

I think a lot of people have many questions about Roman Catholicism. Now, I don’t have all the answers, but I feel that I have a pretty good understanding regarding the faith. Again, I don’t know everything, as well, its impossible to know everything, but I do enjoy teaching others about why we believe what we believe. That being said, I want to encourage you to ask questions in the comments.

One reason I started this blog is because I wanted to be able to reach out to others who may be too intimidated to ask me in person, or well, don’t have contact with me. The internet is so vast with all the information that even asking a simple question in Google will return many hits with quite differing answers and opinions.

Also, I myself am not perfect when I write up my posts. Sometimes, for example, I think of other things I should have said or added, or maybe even not descriptive enough. So, ask for clarification if I need to be more specific here or there. I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be.

As I’ve told my religious ed kids, you can ask me anything. If I don’t have an answer, I will look it up for you. It ┬áprovides me an opportunity to grow in faith and knowledge as well.

Please use the share buttons at the bottom of each post if you found the post helpful or interesting. The more people I reach, the more excited I am about keeping up with blogging and such.

Lenten Progress

Well, so far this Lent, I’d say I’m doing pretty good, I could be doing better, but, I can always say that. I’m keeping up with my “17 Day Diet” offerings as well as P90-x pretty well. Reading Scripture daily isn’t going as well, I’d say on average I’m probably only reading half the time :-/. In retrospect, I think I took on far too much this Lent. And this is a good lesson for me. I’ll continue to go along as best as I can, but next year I shouldn’t do so much. I am happy with my progress, I have become very healthy, and I do not crave bad foods nearly as much. I firmly believe that this year my health goals will stick.

I’m trying really hard to get back on track with the blog. Its really difficult. I say this all the time, but I really have difficulty getting in the mood to sit down and write. I have made a weekly MUST WRITE task that I’m hoping will motivate me to write more. At least this way I should write once a week if not more. I will get back on the sin series as I dubbed it soon.
Much is going on in the world today…I really do wonder what is going to happen…
Hopefully this is a good enough blog post. I know its not too serious as I have been in the past, but, meh, once in a while you’ve gotta cut back.

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