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What Happens Next For the Church?

I have an interesting prediction for what the Church will begin to do next, now that President Obama, who is the “First Gay President”, has been re-elected.

President Obama looks FABULOUS!!!
with his accented rainbow halo.
As most of you know, or maybe you don’t, the HHS Mandate more or less is attacking Catholic run organizations and forcing them to pay for contraception through insurance, as well as a number of other items that go against core Catholic doctrine and teaching. The conscience clause is no longer allowed, something unheard of within the United States.

It seems to me that the coming persecution of the Catholic Church within the United States has officially begun to get worse. I’m afraid that what we are currently seeing is only the beginning of far worse things to come.
With this being said, I sincerely think that Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual “Marriage”, Pro-Everything Contrary To Church Teaching “catholic” politicians, will begin to be ex-communicated. 
Father Z made this.
The reason I feel this is simple:
1. The Church hasn’t public ex-communicated anyone from the Church because currently in the United States, the Church is tax-exempt (as long as they stay out of party politics). I feel that we haven’t seen ex-communications because the Church in America is afraid to be seen “playing party politics” when these ex-communications come down (since most of the ex-communicants will be Democrats).
2. The Church, with the HHS Mandate and I’m certain a barrage of further anti-Catholic laws will be laid out, making it difficult for the Church to stay true to her teachings, while following the civic duty of the law of the land, without violating her conscience. 
(For those of you who think that the Church should violate her conscience because contraception, abortion and the like are “a-okay”, I have news for you. 1/3 of hospitals in this country are Catholic. You think the lines are terrible right now? Wait until 1/3 of the hospitals disappear overnight. Good job. Many other Catholic organizations that cover social-justice issues like feeding the poor will also be shut down, leaving the good old efficient government in charge of that. Fun.)
3. If the Church is going to continually be attacked, and possibly lose its tax-exempt status anyways…why not? Why not go out on a high note?
I honestly don’t know anything, this is all a prediction. I could be 100% wrong. It seems like a decent possibility though, based on what has happened, the fact that Catholic run organizations all across the country have been suing the Federal Government (thank you main stream media for covering this (including you Fox! (end sarcasm))) on a massive scale demonstrates the kick-back that Catholics are pushing.
Pope Benedict mentioned earlier this year that the Church may need to become smaller, in order to become better. Pruning the bad branches of the tree will do this, especially when these bad branches produce horrible fruit.

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Society Should Conform to the Church

“The Church needs to get with the times, they are totally way back in the Middle Ages!”

This is quite often thrown around by those who oppose the Catholic Church and believe they have the authority to dictate their own personal beliefs, otherwise known as liberals.

Yep, I said it, the “l” word. Liberals aren’t big fans of Catholic Orthodoxy, tradition and authority. In fact, they secretly hate the Catholic Church. They are jealous of the Church in how successful it is, even when it is severely limited by government, as it is in China or was in Russia.

See, most liberals don’t believe that God is omnipotent, all-knowing and all-powerful. Heck, I think there are a lot of non-Catholics that think this too, but I digress. For a lot of Protestant churches, the pastor can be fired if the congregation doesn’t like what he is preaching. Or, on the other hand, they get up, and leave their church and go around to various other churches until they find what makes them happy. No longer is the faith taken at what God said, but now the faith is taken more on what is comfortable for the individual. Which is exactly what Jesus preached:

Then many of his disciples who were listening said, “This saying is hard; who can accept it?” John 6:60

So, instead of actually accepting it, when Jesus asks us if it shocks us (John 6:61), they throw it away and simply keep walking (John 6:66).

Far too often though, this is not just Protestants, but all of those that would rather follow the path well trodden as opposed to the road less traveled. This is why we have Christians, and liberal Catholics who constantly support sex before marriage, pornography, masturbation, gay marriage, abortion, embryonic stem-cell research (which by the way has had absolutely no positive cures found after how many years, compared to adult stem cells (which is 100% approved by Church teaching)), euthanasia, contraception (which is both bad for women’s health and the environment), and the list goes on and on…

Unfortunately, people have no self-control and do not want to sacrifice. This is why there has been such a huge increase in the divorce rate. Love demands sacrifice, and when you can’t sacrifice for your Lord, there is no way in hell that you will sacrifice for some petty human being. Most people today can’t even sacrifice that extra sweet somewhere in the day to shed a few pounds and would be more content taking a pill in order to shove down a couple of more cupcakes.

Another common argument that liberals and progressives like to throw around when they encounter those who actually follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, is something like “you should really think for yourself…(insert crummy logic here)”. Right, because you came up with all of your beliefs on your own? Seriously? I’m not sure what is so difficult to understand about being a Catholic. If you say that you are something and go against that, then you really aren’t part of that group. Its kind of like saying that you are a Democrat and vote with the Republicans. The Democrats will basically try to kick you out and label you as a Republican. This happens on the Republican’s side as well.

An even better example would be a Vegan for Meat Eating. Because as we all know, Vegan’s love their meat. If I were to tell you that I am a Vegan who eats meat, you would look at me and say that I was out of my mind. Yet, someone can do the exact same thing within the context of Catholicism, yet we aren’t supposed to bat an eye. They are “thinking Catholics”. Well, call me a “thinking Vegan” then.

What’s interesting is that the Church has what they call “canons”. Before you ask, I know what you are thinking and no, they do not shoot cannon balls, nor are they performed in a pool. Canons are the body of laws and regulations that are made by or adopted by the ecclesiastical authority for the use of the Church. I know, the Church and its rules! But seriously, many complain when it comes to the Church and its rules, but what functioning society or group of people don’t have rules?

We as a country have federal laws that we must obey. Within our state we have state laws we must follow. We even have city and county laws that we have to follow. If you belong to a group you have your own rules or by laws that you must obey. But the Catholic Church, the one authority that Christ left here on Earth to watch over His Church (Matthew 16:18-19) can’t have rules? Frankly, if you don’t like the rules of the group that you are apart of, you are allowed to leave, or worse yet, you are given the boot. The Church has a canon for this, and it probably should be used. Unfortunately, it still does not shoot people out of it

There are far too many people today who say that the Catholic Church is closed minded and is not open to society’s views. If only they themselves were not closed minded to the Church’s beautiful teachings. Society preaches about being open minded, yet look at how closed minded they are. The Church IS open minded. She listens to what others have to say and corrects them when they are wrong. It is society who is closed minded and who hardens their hearts when they hear what they do not want to hear. Man may change, but the Church will not.

Jesus has always been the same person. He was there when life began, there with Moses on Mount Sinai, with Abraham, with His disciples and even to this day. He brings us strength when we are weak. He is food and drink for the soul. He will be through the end of time.

If you like the images, check out Catholic Memes.

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Petition Alert: Dis-invite President Obama From Catholic Fundraiser

President Obama, who is the most pro-abortion President that we have ever had, as well as the President who has declared an all-out war on the Catholic Church, has been invited to a Catholic fundraiser in the Archdiocese of New York.

Below is a petition to Cardinal Dolan, requesting that he immediately dis-invite him. Please, if you have a moment, sign this and share with as many people as you can.

Seriously, what kind of Catholics are these people? Clearly they are misguided, or they are anti-Catholic Catholics.

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Is Red Bull Anti-Catholic?

As I was watching a video online, I was presented with a rather crude advertisement for Red Bull. It begins with two young lads talking outside of a Church and what presumed to be a Catholic priest walking in. One boy asks the other, “are you sure this will work?” My immediate thought was, ok, how does “Red Bull gives you wings” have any effect on religion? Will the boy drink it and “beat” the priest to Heaven? Well, in short, he goes in and confesses adultery and the priest then berates the boy with questions on which woman it was. The boy says he won’t tell and walks out and tells his friend “I have two more leads!”

Seriously…is this what Red Bull thinks of Catholics? I don’t get how they believe that this is really going to help advertise.
I urge you to boycott Red Bull and complain to them here:
The video you can see here:


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