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COMING SOON – The Holy League

I was sent this video by several of my good friends from the Madison area. There is a movement growing around the Holy League. Watch the video here:

It’s incredibly well done and put together well. I’m excited to see what more this movement has to offer.

We need to be constantly in a state of grace. Go to confession as often as you need to. Go monthly at an absolute minimum. Go weekly if you can. Pray the Rosary daily. Stay close to the Scriptures. Visit Jesus in the Eucharist, both at Mass and in Adoration. Most importantly, pray, fast, and do penance.

Looks like an all-out spiritual warfare offensive is brewing. Join forces over at the Holy League on Facebook.

Holy League

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Worldwide Adoration for Family Synod

I would like to draw attention for a moment to a page on Facebook.

As you may know, in October, Pope Francis and his 8 “super” Cardinals will be meeting in a Synod for the Family. There have been numerous news sources reporting what some of these 8 Cardinals have been saying. So far, it doesn’t look too good, especially out of Germany.

We should have Adoration for a good (read: Catholic) outcome to this synod. If you could follow the link below and like the page on Facebook, that would be great. There will be more posting within this group the closer it gets to the Synod.

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Friday Penance and Catholic Identity

About a year ago, the USCCB issued a statement that would help American Catholics to rediscover their Catholic identity in the public square.

It has been a year since this has been issued and I have heard that it has been renewed for 2014. Regardless, this is something that even if it isn’t renewed, we should be practicing.

Our Catholic identity is an important aspect of our faith. If we proclaim to believe something, we should practice that. Here are 5 items that the USCCB would like for us as Catholics to rekindle.

A Friday in Lent
  1. Starting with the Sunday after Christmas (Feast of the Holy Family) and continuing on or near the last Sunday of every month through Christ the King Sunday, November 2013, cathedrals and parishes are encouraged to hold a Eucharistic Holy Hour for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty.
  2. Families and individuals are encouraged to pray a daily Rosary, especially for the preservation of Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty in the nation.
  3. At Sunday and daily Masses, it is encouraged that the Prayers of the Faithful include specific intentions for respect for all human life from conception to natural death, the strengthening of marriage and family life, and the preservation of religious liberty at all levels of government, both at home and abroad.
  4. Abstinence from meat and fasting on Fridays are encouraged for the intention of the protection of Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty, recognizing the importance of spiritual and bodily sacrifice in the life of the Church.
  5. The celebration of a second Fortnight for Freedom at the end of June and the beginning of July 2013 is being planned. This Fortnight would emphasize faith and marriage in a particular way in the face of the potential Supreme Court rulings during this time. The Fortnight would also emphasize the need for conscience protection in light of the August 1, 2013 deadline for religious organizations to comply with the HHS mandate, as well as religious freedom concerns in other areas, such as immigration, adoption, and humanitarian services.

As Catholics, we truly believe in the physical presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. We should spend time in Adoration with Him. The Rosary is a powerful prayer against evil. It also comes with 15 Graces as promised by Our Mother. And most importantly, we should abstain from meat and fast on Fridays. This was never outdone by Vatican 2. We were just given the option of what we wanted to abstain from.

It would be nice if the USCCB would make this mandatory as opposed to encouraged, but, I digress…

If you’ve already had meat today, give up something else, and start again next Friday.

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I spend an hour in Adoration with Our Lord every week. It has become a very important part of my prayer life, my faith, or whatever term you feel like calling it. It’s interesting how intimidating the idea of spending an hour with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is at first. The silence, the time, the intensity, it’s all very intimidating. Yet, now, I want it more, I look forward to it. The hour isn’t enough, let alone just one hour a week.

the eucharist

Yet, the Adoration chapels are so empty. Why is this? We as Catholics believe that Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist, yet, why don’t we want to spend time with him? We’d rather sit in front of the TV and rot our brains (yes, TV, for the most part is a complete waste of time). There are some good shows and movies to watch, but when we get sucked into watching terrible shows like…(insert almost any prime time TV/Reality show here) we rot our brains.

I challenge you, start spending time with Jesus in Adoration. Make it a weekly habit. Bring a book, bring prayer books, bring a journal. We as Catholics have an amazing number of prayers at our disposal we can say that have been written and handed down to us. Start with those if you have difficulty praying from the heart. Jesus taught us that we are to say the Our Father. Routine prayer is good. Memorization is good, despite what some people may say.

The other challenge is that during Adoration, you don’t have to pray the entire time. By this, I mean you talking the entire time. The other form of prayer is listening. You need to listen to God as He penetrates through the silence and talks to you. Too often we think that in order to pray, we must be talking constantly. We must be attentive to see what God says to us. Rattling off all of our desires, needs and wants is not full prayer.

If you truly are Catholic and truly believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father, and sender of the Holy Ghost, the Paraclete, is present in the Eucharist, you would gladly spend time with Him in Adoration. You spend time with your family, you spend time with your friends. It’s time now to spend time with God.

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Perpetual Confession Chapels

I’ve been tossing this idea around now for the last five years or so. But, with the priest shortage that we’ve been having throughout the entire world (with some exceptions), it is more or less something that seems unlikely to occur, at least anytime soon.

I firmly believe that Confession is important. That is why I think it would be awesome if the Church started up the practice of instituting Perpetual Confession Chapels.

We have Perpetual Adoration Chapels, in which you can visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 363 days a year (since He’s generally taken out on Good Friday and returns Easter Sunday). The whole idea behind perpetual is that it is always ongoing.

I think Perpetual Confession Chapels, in which a priest is always on hand to hear confessions, would be a huge blessing to the Church. With the priest shortage, confession times can be lacking. I’m lucky enough to have several priests in the area who hear confessions on a regular basis, but, there are many who are not this fortunate.

I’ve seen at many parishes that there is no posted times for confession. This is a great tragedy when a Sacrament of the Church is not made readily available. I’ve also seen some of the oddest time frames for some confession times (this goes all over the place, I’ve seen confession times posted that take place during the work day (in which this is the ONLY time it takes place in a week)).┬áThis makes it difficult to go to confession, especially when needed.

The other problem is that at the average parish, confession times are either Saturday morning or afternoon. This is good, I’m not complaining about this, but for those who do commit a mortal sin earlier in the week (and would like to confess so they don’t risk eternal damnation), waiting all week until Saturday feels a bit…risky.

Yes, you can call the priest and schedule an appointment. But, that can ruin the anonymous nature of the confessional (for those who wish to remain private). Now, if you do need to go, I do encourage you to call and schedule an appointment with Father.

With the importance of confession and getting us sinners back into the state of grace, it would be a huge blessing to know that we don’t have to wait until Saturday to go, and we can easily go down to the chapel at anytime. Even if its in the middle of the night, without an appointment and can go completely anonymous.

One way we could implement this now (which would probably be a stretch, but doable) is to have a location in each diocese to where the perpetual confession chapel will be. Each priest with the diocese will have rotating shifts (not sure how long the shifts would be, but those are details that can be ironed out later). If this became incredibly popular, we could double up the shifts (multiple priests) or add other locations within the diocese.

Imagine the spiritual health that the Church would have throughout the world if this was implemented. Perpetual Adoration greatly increases the faith at the parish that it is implemented in. Perpetual Confession would do the exact same thing.

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