Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Reintroducing Logic and Reason to the Age of Sentimentalism


August 4, 2013 | 9 Comments

I’m a convert to Catholicism as of April 15, 2006. I love everything regarding our Catholic faith and our history. I love the beauty of our tradition. Here is where I will post random musings going on in the faith and my thoughts on them. I enjoy talking about the one true Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. I found your article about Matthew Kelly’s Movement to be very interesting. I have read two of his books and attended a talk of his at the Cathedral of Saint Paul. I agree with many of your observations about his writings, however, I am left wondering if you gave him enough credit for the work he is doing based on the groups he is trying to reach. I consider myself a very good and devout Catholic, and I abhor liberalism, modernism, relativism, and all other heresy which has crept into the” Church instituted by Christ”. These are perpetrated by those that are trying to destroy the Church from within. Matthew Kelly can not be considered to be in that group of nehrdowells. I really believe he is concerned with one thing, encouraging those who are concidered “Catholic in name only”, to become more engaged in the faith they profess. His job is not to teach in depth Spiituality, or to deeply Catichise. That is up to the Church leaders, the Shepherds which, like Peter, Jesus said to “feed my sheep”.

    • Hello,

      The church at the top would be St. Mary’s of Pine Bluff, Wisconsin. I’m not sure what the church is in the background as I found it online.


  2. Please forgive my anonymity, I am a husband and father of 4 young children. You will see why that is relevant if you continue reading.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog! I am writing to hopefully convince you of something very significant. This past year, I have become aware that the entire history of Israel in the Old Testament is actually a complete prefigurement for the whole history of the Catholic Church… event for event and in the same chronological order. The prefigurements are extremely detailed and go right down to persons and specific events. For instance, Moses is a prefigurement of Constantine, Nebuchadnezzar is a prefigurement of Napoleon, Jeroboam is a prefigurement of Martin Luther…. and the list goes on and on. If I could direct you to a short 6 minute video on my YouTube channel entitled “Old Testament/New Testament Timeline Video”. It shows the basic, and awe inspiring correlation between the history of the Catholic Church and the history of Israel in the Old Testament.

    Very briefly it is this:

    1. They both started out with 12, then went into persecution.
    2. After the persecution, they both had a period of establishing themselves and of fighting off many enemies (Judges fought off enemies, and Church Fathers fought off heresies)
    3. After this period, they both saw the rise of a holy, and long lasting dynastic kingdom… but first, they each had a kingdom that didn’t obey the Lord completely. (King Saul was the first king, but David was anointed. His lineage lasted until Nebuchadnezzar…. and the Byzantine Empire guarded the Church, however, soon Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, and his lineage lasted until Napoleon in 1806.)
    4. After this period, each saw the great divide of God’s people. Jeroboam led the 10 northern tribes in revolt, and Martin Luther led the northern European countries in revolt
    5. After this, each saw the period of invasion and exile. The Jews had their land taken, and were prisoners in Babylon.. and the Church had the papal states taken, and the popes were prisoners in the Vatican
    6. Each were granted to go back to their city, but to only their city. The Jews were granted to go back to the city-state of Jerusalem by King Cyrus, and the Church was granted Vatican City, in the Lateran Treaty.

    Of course, there is much more detail than this, but here it is in a nutshell. Please feel free to publish this on your blog, and spread the word. Make sure you check out the videos on my YouTube channel.

    Also, please contact me at

  3. I am a convert too!~ I am glad to have found your site! I feel the way you do about the Church! In Hawai’i there is no TLM; I may move, it depends upon what happens. Although above the usual age, with a dimly realized vocation from early years that had no outlet whatsoever… am approaching the Carmelite Monastery I learned in December, 2018, is here. It is Novus Ordo oriented but I have concluded or rather! God has led me to understand, as the frustration is very high after one has spent much time learning about Vatican II effects, being in a state where there is no alternative to the Novus Ordo…. that He is present in the tabernacle. Thank you for writing the material on mortal and venial sin, which I have just begun to read; it got me to this site. I wanted a definition of mortal sin while reading St. Francis de Sales’ Treatise on Divine Love.

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