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The Bishops Knew and Are Very Sad You Found Out

August 16, 2018 | 2 Comments

There is nothing more sickening, disgusting, blood-boiling, rage inducing than the news coming out of Pennsylvania this week.

More than 300 priests were found to have been involved in molesting children. Even worse? Bishops and Cardinals knew about it and did nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true because they did do something.

They covered it up.

The investigation discovered that Cardinal Wuerl, who has an “upstanding reputation for his zero tolerance take on sex abuse,” paid a priest who was going to report a list of known sex abusers within the priesthood to not report it. The report details this as well.

Another case found that a priest had raped a young girl, the girl became pregnant, and the priest took and paid for her to have an abortion. When the priest’s bishop found out, he wrote a letter of condolence…to the priest.

These are just a couple of cases found within the 800+ page document. Cardinal Wuerl is mentioned over 200 times. That’s quite the damning ratio.

The response from bishops, dioceses, and even the Vatican has been even more appalling. Very few have come out and condemned this behavior and those that have don’t come to realize the problem. There are few calls for these disgusting men to be defrocked, removed from the priesthood, and sent to prison where they can rot the rest of their miserable lives away from more potential victims. Unfortunately many mention how sad they are and ashamed…that you found out.

The Vatican Press Office has issued a “no comment” on the entire matter.

It’s undeniable that this rot is affecting the vast majority of the priesthood and hierarchy within the Church. It is time for a purge, even if that means that there won’t be that many priests left to administer the sacraments. The time for wrist-slapping is over.

Every single one of the clergy who molested or covered up molestation should be removed from ministry and thrown in prison.

Funny timing for Pope Francis to say that the death penalty is “inadmissible,” no?

UPDATE (August 16, 2018 10:42pm):

The Vatican has released a Press Statement.

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  1. Write to Cino.pope and bishops. Cut.them off from all papal and bishops appeals untill B. f. Inner circle of deviants like dannels,, Mahoney ,Maradiaga weurl,cupich, McElroy cistone J.. Tobin, soto Farrell o malley ,radcliffe,Roisicia, ,Depaglia and mgz. Are defrocked and ousted

  2. It’s very disheartening. How does one take on the task of raising our children as Catholics when all around us the clergy are spitting on Christ and His Church? A daunting task to be sure. Mass, reparations, Rosary, begging for mercy & direction from above…..what else can we do? I think prosecution of all those involved is absolutely necessary too. It’s justice, no slap on the wrist is sufficient this time.

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