Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Society Is Not Enlightened But Barbaric

January 15, 2017 | 1 Comment

Society, to appear more “enlightened” has become barbaric.

An enlightened individual will use logic, reason, and rhetoric to further advance society from it’s most primitive form. An enlightened society will resist those temptations which gnaw at them to embrace their animal instincts. We are not an enlightened society, but rather, a barbaric one.

Instead of using knowledge, society throws it away and prefers to use emotion to make its choices, regardless of the sanity in them. Society murders, steals, swindles, lies, cheats, and has sex with anything that walks. Society feels that it is okay to murder their offspring, simply because their offspring exists and is interfering with their carnal desires.

Society no longer believes that human life has value unless it agrees with their perverted lifestyle and way of thinking. In society’s mind, feeling is what dictates how we are to react and make decisions, not what is best for the individual or collective whole.

Society has devolved into the apes they emulate and believes they are better for doing so. The barbarians walk among us dressed in their fancy clothes and suave style.

One person is talking about “Society Is Not Enlightened But Barbaric

  1. Yes. Ironic, as everyone acts as though we’re so enlightened, while they scoff at things like ‘the dark ages.’ People in almost any time and place were more civilized than us, not to mention most likely more truly educated.

    Even the Aztecs made their human sacrifices to worship something bigger than themselves; people today have human sacrifices to worship themselves! Worse than the pagans…

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