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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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A Joyous Feast of St. Nicholas To You

December 6, 2016 | Comments Off on A Joyous Feast of St. Nicholas To You

Today is the Feast of St. Nicholas! Hopefully, your shoes greeted you with treats today.

Many people think that St. Nicholas was a constantly happy man, much like we see with today’s renditions of Santa Claus. But did you know that St. Nicholas punched the heretic Arius in the face?

saint nicholas

Some argue whether he did or not or if that was only folklore, but regardless if it happened or not, we learn one thing either way; heretics deserve a punch in the face.

Jesus did it. St. Nicholas allegedly did it. St. John Chrysostom encouraged it. Even St. Thomas Aquinas states that it is a justifiable act if a heretic refuses to recant his errors.

St. Nicholas is a saint whose intercession we should call on these days when many heretics are about within the Church trying to change Her teachings.

St. Nicholas, pray for us.