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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Your Guardian Angel Is Waiting For You

October 12, 2016 | 2 Comments

From the moment God created the Angels, He assigned one to each and every person that would ever exist. That Angel is responsible only for that person and no one else.

Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angel is your own, and you are your Guardian Angel’s responsibility. Our Guardian Angel protects us from the evils present in this world, but only if we allow them, for they will never impose their will upon us. This is why we must call upon our Guardian Angel’s intercession every single day.

Due to our fallen nature, we likely forget about our Guardian Angel. Our Guardian Angel desperately wants to help and intercede for us, and when we forget about them, we deprive them of that ability which they were created to do.

Call upon your Guardian Angel and allow them to protect you. Pray to the Guardian Angels of your family and friends.

Angel of God, my guardian dear
To whom God’s love, commits me here
Ever this day, be at my side
To light and guard, to rule and guide.

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  1. There are many wonderful short books on angels and how powerful they are as our first line intercessors! Thank you for this timely reminder of yet another grace God gives us as we make our journey back to Him!

    • It is amazing how awesome our faith is. There is so much to learn and yet so much to forget. I know I fail to remember my Guardian Angel and I’m certain he helps keep me out of trouble. I’m hoping I can use this blog to help people remember the small aspects of our faith.

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