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Catholics Embracing Protestantism

June 12, 2016 | 5 Comments

Many within the Catholic Church seem to embrace an idea that the Church should adopt Protestant practices. She should adopt these practice to entice Protestants or fallen away Catholics to come into the Catholic Church.

martin luther

But does this make sense? After all, the term Protestant means to protest the Catholic Church.

So the Catholic Church adopting Protestant practices to appeal to these fallen away Catholics and Protestants make about as much sense as the Republican party adopting the ideals of the Democrat party to draw in Democrats or Republicans who have left the party. Or about as much sense as the Church proclaiming the Protestant Reformation to being a good thing.

Oh, wait a minute.

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  1. I am with Popes of the past who along with many Doctors, and Saints who condemn such practices.
    It is an attempt to subtle destroy the Catholic Church. Oecumenical means of the same house; they are not of the same house.
    The Sects practice pagan/barbaric doings; the Trinity is denied, blaspheme the blessed Sacrament, aberrant intimate liaisons etc…
    I want to see separation of communities, and military by our Faith. There would be Catholic cities, villages, battalions, ships, schools etc… And there would be much less influence by non-Catholics. Get rid of TV and internet; the internet would need a filter to keep out dirty sites.

  2. These modernists are pulling people into heresy that they aren’t even aware of. Do not pray with those who reject the Catholic faith unless it’s just grace for a meal. That’s it. They are not with the true church, their beliefs are heretical in most cases.

    • Completely valid point. It’s disgusting seeing the number of Christians, both Catholic and Protestant, profess Islam to be a “holy religion”.

  3. They tried that at Vatican 2, Paul VI enlisted at that time Father Bugnini (SP?) to make the Catholic mass, the mass of all time, less offensive to protestants. Bugnini immediately enlisted 6 protestant ministers to help rewrite the mass. We see the results, Catholics leaving the church by the thousands, empty seminary’s and convents. In short a weak, watered down church. The ultimate insult is what we have now, a weak, watered down Pope.

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