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The Best Pope Ever Had A Wonderful Time Destroying Catholicism While On Vacation In Mexico

February 19, 2016 | 9 Comments

If you were silly enough to give up any form of liquor for Lent, I feel bad for you. No, I do. Pope Francis has given all faithful Catholics a reason to hit the bottle…hard. Actually, he’s given us like four or five with his Mexico trip alone, but after a few drinks, you begin to lose count.

Here are my highlights because others have already dug in and explained the wrongs of his statements.

Pope Francis, the fluffiest, most humble, nicest, least mean Pope ever to exist, berated a pilgrim who tried to get close to him by pulling him down.


It’s ironic isn’t it? When the hemorrhaging woman went to seek Jesus in the crowds, He commended her faith. This Pope, who has thrived on the rock star status since his elevation to the Petrine Ministry and has invited this sort of activity based on his behavior, reprimands a pilgrim. It certainly makes the story which was released about his sudden outburst during the Synod far more believable.

If you build walls, you aren’t a Christian. Countries apparently are not allowed to defend their borders, even though plenty of the Popes have stated to the contrary, as recently as Pope Benedict XVI. But, hey, the “Spirit” (though we all know it isn’t the Holy Spirit) is apparently directing the Church in this direction. But it’s okay that the Vatican has big walls surrounding the entire country. As the Papoloters are wont to do, they will only discuss the open gate in the front of the Vatican.

Vatican Walls

Donald Trump is not a Christian, according to Pope Francis. Irony has died as the man who won’t judge homosexuals, the divorced, the remarried, those who are unrepentant or don’t care about Catholicism in the slightest judges a man running for President. Now this isn’t an endorsement for Trump. Catholics can’t vote for him because he’s pro-abortion, full stop. But enough about politics, I’ll spare you for now.

Contraception is okay IF you are trying to stay away from the Zika virus. Because screw Catholic teaching.

I think that’s the majority of it. One Peter Five has several articles explaining more in depth about what happened.

I’ll come out and say it. Pope Francis doesn’t care a lick about Catholicism. To him, the Papacy is a tool to promote an agenda, and not a holy agenda either. He is here to promote his liberal liberation theology and will use Catholicism as a front to do so. He is not confusing. He is doing this intentionally. Wake up! It’s been THREE LONG YEARS, and he continues to do this.

Catholics can no longer stand by and fool themselves into thinking that Pope Francis is a great Pope. He isn’t even a good Pope. He is, quite possibly, the worst Pope to have ever existed in the entire history of the Catholic Church. He has woven a path of destruction throughout his entire papacy, this just being more icing on the cake, another nail in the coffin.

Pope Honorius was excommunicated after he had died, not because he was a heretic or taught error, but because he refused to denounce an error that existed during his Papacy, which riddled and weakened the Church. Pope Francis not only refuses to denounce the evils of this world, but he tautsĀ false evils that are politically popular, and encourages evil behavior by those who wish the Church to fail.

There are no more excuses to make for this Pope. He has proven time and time again, that he is not an ally of Jesus Christ and His Church, but an enemy. Pray for him and pray that our next Pope will be a holy man of God who will fix the Church and the errors of this world.

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  1. I understand how you feel. This last airplane conversation seems to have been one of the worst yet. But I also think we shouldn’t try to judge the Pope. Of course, we should judge what he says, and make it clear where appropriate what is wrong, what doesn’t match the Catholic faith, and even what is downright dangerous to the faith, such as opening exceptions to the use of preservatives. In fact, this is why I am a big fan of the Denzinger-Bergolio site.

    However, judging a Pope is something that is outside our capacity. At least, that is what I get from reading some of the writings of Saint Francis of Assisi. To say whether he is a good or bad Pope is something best left to God Himself, I understand.

    I do, however, think this situation needs to be rectified. We need the Church, as a unit, to once again start pointing what is wrong to us. To condemn heresy and error wherever it may sprout, even if from the mouth of the Pope. We, as laymen can do more by prayer than by direct action in this regard, however.

  2. i think the Pope is not only destroying,he is justifying all sorts of beliefs ,later the church will lose its authenticity,and catholics will have either to leave or to deal with the Evil one.The apostasy is coming with its arrogance to destroy what so many holy souls have built up.

  3. Thanks for the article.

    Sirach 21:18
    Like a house that has vanished, so is wisdom to a fool;
    and the knowledge of the ignorant is unexamined talk.

    Revelation 21:12

    It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and on the gates the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel were inscribed

    May God bless you.
    Francis ignores a disabled child meanwhile rebuking a young mexican and fell down by the hug of the disable child.

  4. Jesus said” You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”.
    I believe that like Pope St.John23, Pope Francis is exactly what we need.He preaches and teaches mercy and forgiveness and does not fear to correct and guide where needed.
    God Bless our Pope.

  5. “If you build walls, you arenā€™t a Christian. Countries apparently are not allowed to defend their borders…as the Papoloters are wont to do, they will only discuss the open gate in the front of the Vatican.”

    I’ve heard better.
    Vatican is a City. Only cities have citizens that need defending. So it’s legitimate for a City to have a wall but not so for Countries.

    • I cannot tell if you are saying that in truth nations don’t need walls. I can only surmise you are not an American, where we are flooded with much of South America and many of Mexico’s criminal element. Our jails are full of gangs and drugs are everywhere, our schools are bulging with children who don’t speak English and our hospitals are jammed with people who can’t pay for the services they need. Every single family costs thousands and thousands of dollars in social services. Not to mention that little thing called Islam, which is busy trying to infiltrate by taking advantage of the ever-optimistic Europeans and Americans. They will succeed. We need an American wall and a great big one. This is why Donald Trump is so popular and will likely be our next president if the Democrats don’t get enough illegal aliens to vote them in.
      On the pope. He’s hard to take, that’s all. It’s been a rough three years and we just go on and on. But to have people still defending him, I mean, some people seem to have no discernment at ALL. I feel like a frustrated Protestant. Wake up, man.

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