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No, It’s Not Our Fault If The Pope Speaks Error

February 26, 2016 | 6 Comments

Is it just me or have Catholics seemed to have forgotten basic tenets of Catholicism over the last three years?


With Pope Francis’ latest tirade against the Catholic faith, lying about how Pope Paul VI allowed for nuns in the Congo to use birth control to prevent pregnancy in the case of rape so he could promote the use of birth control to prevent Zika, we see the Pontiff has spoken heretically.

It is Catholic teaching that birth control is always wrong. Period. But, of course, that was before the days when Francis was Pope. No, nowadays Catholicism is determined based on whatever nonsense that this man spews out of his mouth or what day of the week it is. Monday? Abortion is wrong. Tuesday? Go ahead and contracept, who am I to judge? Wednesday? We can’t always talk about abortion and contraception. You get the idea. The man’s about as consistent as a slot machine.

But during this time, many defenders of the Pope in all he says and does are blaming us laity for the Pope’s statements. Many of them go under the titles of Catholic “men” if you can indeed call them men because one of the requirements to be a man is to have testicles. These “men” imply that because we are getting angry with the blasphemies, heresies, and all around trash that continues to come out of the Holy Father’s mouth, that we need to do some soul searching to find out what Pope Francis “really means”.

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Let’s point out how stupid this sounds. When a high school science teacher begins teaching his students that the Earth is flat and that those who believe otherwise are enemies of science, is it the students who argue back the ones in the wrong? Do these students need to spend more time in study to find out what their teacher “really means”? Of course not. It is up to the teacher to instruct his students with the correct information and not to assert his personal whims, especially when it is proven that the Earth is round.

Pope Francis, like it, or not, continually teaches error. When asked what Pope Francis meant, the Vatican press office led by Fr. Lombardi responded to the affirmative, that Pope Francis indeed meant what he said. There is no tip-toeing around it, Pope Francis. Taught. Error.

Real men don’t sit around and “soul search” when something erroneous is presented to them to try to understand it’s intended meaning. Real men fight back with all of their strength. Real men have the courage to stand up for Truth and not back down. Catholic men do not defend the Pope’s heresies to their dying breath and then claim that they are fighting the battle for Jesus Christ and His Church. Jesus Christ hates errors and anything that is contrary to what has been given by Him or His Church. No, those Catholic “men” who defend the Pope’s errors are not fighting for Jesus Christ, but Satan, who is determined to watch the Church fall.

But, in case you still believe Pope Francis is on the side of Christ and the Church, then I have news for you. Pope Francis just called one of Italy’s leading abortionists who has killed more than 10,000 babies one of the country’s “forgotten greats”.

Reminds you so much of Jesus, doesn’t he?

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  1. I believe that if one is still defending Pope Francis’ statements instead of simply stating that Popes are only men and this one is making major mistakes, that person is a skating very close to being a Pope worshiper and not a Catholic.

    • Absolutely. You can’t tell me that blatant non-Catholic statements are “inspired by the Holy Spirit” or are now suddenly “Catholic”.

  2. The Pope seems to be confused; it appears that he’s trying to win the affection of the worldly, and in doing so, he is committing heresy without even realizing it. I love the Church and its Traditional teachings on contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, premarital sex, etc., but it is obvious that this Pope is, for some odd reason, undermining Jesus’ teachings, even ignoring them, because of his worldly affections. The sad fact is, the priests are not saying anything about the Pope’s misspeaks, which is even more dangerous! I think it’s up to the Laity to save the Church, because those of us who love the Traditions of the Church, must pray that we keep our Traditions and Teachings just as they are. We must also pray for Pope Francis, because he needs correction and reproof.

    • I would argue that he isn’t confused and that he is doing all of this on purpose. If you observe everything he has done in the last three years of his pontificate, as well as everything he has done since being a Cardinal and an Archbishop, that this is just who he is, a man who praises those who hate Catholicism. The words he has for those who love the faith are always harsh, whereas the words he uses for those who despise and hate anything Catholic are like drops of honey on a tongue longing for thirst.

  3. Hi June Vendetti, I’m just reading this blog post now. I’ve also read your comment about the Pope being confused. I have to agree with Jeff. The Pope is very calculating and completely understands exactly what he is doing. I pray for him each day as all of us should, but he is a very intelligent man with an apparently very devious plan. You should read the following article. It is very well written and explains very well how there is no way the Pope doesn’t understand completely what he is doing and that there is a well thought out purpose for everything he says “off-the-cuff.”

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