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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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No, It’s Not Our Fault If The Pope Speaks Error

Is it just me or have Catholics seemed to have forgotten basic tenets of Catholicism over the last three years?


With Pope Francis’ latest tirade against the Catholic faith, lying about how Pope Paul VI allowed for nuns in the Congo to use birth control to prevent pregnancy in the case of rape so he could promote the use of birth control to prevent Zika, we see the Pontiff has spoken heretically.

It is Catholic teaching that birth control is always wrong. Period. But, of course, that was before the days when Francis was Pope. No, nowadays Catholicism is determined based on whatever nonsense that this man spews out of his mouth or what day of the week it is. Monday? Abortion is wrong. Tuesday? Go ahead and contracept, who am I to judge? Wednesday? We can’t always talk about abortion and contraception. You get the idea. The man’s about as consistent as a slot machine.

But during this time, many defenders of the Pope in all he says and does are blaming us laity for the Pope’s statements. Many of them go under the titles of Catholic “men” if you can indeed call them men because one of the requirements to be a man is to have testicles. These “men” imply that because we are getting angry with the blasphemies, heresies, and all around trash that continues to come out of the Holy Father’s mouth, that we need to do some soul searching to find out what Pope Francis “really means”.

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Let’s point out how stupid this sounds. When a high school science teacher begins teaching his students that the Earth is flat and that those who believe otherwise are enemies of science, is it the students who argue back the ones in the wrong? Do these students need to spend more time in study to find out what their teacher “really means”? Of course not. It is up to the teacher to instruct his students with the correct information and not to assert his personal whims, especially when it is proven that the Earth is round.

Pope Francis, like it, or not, continually teaches error. When asked what Pope Francis meant, the Vatican press office led by Fr. Lombardi responded to the affirmative, that Pope Francis indeed meant what he said. There is no tip-toeing around it, Pope Francis. Taught. Error.

Real men don’t sit around and “soul search” when something erroneous is presented to them to try to understand it’s intended meaning. Real men fight back with all of their strength. Real men have the courage to stand up for Truth and not back down. Catholic men do not defend the Pope’s heresies to their dying breath and then claim that they are fighting the battle for Jesus Christ and His Church. Jesus Christ hates errors and anything that is contrary to what has been given by Him or His Church. No, those Catholic “men” who defend the Pope’s errors are not fighting for Jesus Christ, but Satan, who is determined to watch the Church fall.

But, in case you still believe Pope Francis is on the side of Christ and the Church, then I have news for you. Pope Francis just called one of Italy’s leading abortionists who has killed more than 10,000 babies one of the country’s “forgotten greats”.

Reminds you so much of Jesus, doesn’t he?

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The Best Pope Ever Had A Wonderful Time Destroying Catholicism While On Vacation In Mexico

If you were silly enough to give up any form of liquor for Lent, I feel bad for you. No, I do. Pope Francis has given all faithful Catholics a reason to hit the bottle…hard. Actually, he’s given us like four or five with his Mexico trip alone, but after a few drinks, you begin to lose count.

Here are my highlights because others have already dug in and explained the wrongs of his statements.

Pope Francis, the fluffiest, most humble, nicest, least mean Pope ever to exist, berated a pilgrim who tried to get close to him by pulling him down.


It’s ironic isn’t it? When the hemorrhaging woman went to seek Jesus in the crowds, He commended her faith. This Pope, who has thrived on the rock star status since his elevation to the Petrine Ministry and has invited this sort of activity based on his behavior, reprimands a pilgrim. It certainly makes the story which was released about his sudden outburst during the Synod far more believable.

If you build walls, you aren’t a Christian. Countries apparently are not allowed to defend their borders, even though plenty of the Popes have stated to the contrary, as recently as Pope Benedict XVI. But, hey, the “Spirit” (though we all know it isn’t the Holy Spirit) is apparently directing the Church in this direction. But it’s okay that the Vatican has big walls surrounding the entire country. As the Papoloters are wont to do, they will only discuss the open gate in the front of the Vatican.

Vatican Walls

Donald Trump is not a Christian, according to Pope Francis. Irony has died as the man who won’t judge homosexuals, the divorced, the remarried, those who are unrepentant or don’t care about Catholicism in the slightest judges a man running for President. Now this isn’t an endorsement for Trump. Catholics can’t vote for him because he’s pro-abortion, full stop. But enough about politics, I’ll spare you for now.

Contraception is okay IF you are trying to stay away from the Zika virus. Because screw Catholic teaching.

I think that’s the majority of it. One Peter Five has several articles explaining more in depth about what happened.

I’ll come out and say it. Pope Francis doesn’t care a lick about Catholicism. To him, the Papacy is a tool to promote an agenda, and not a holy agenda either. He is here to promote his liberal liberation theology and will use Catholicism as a front to do so. He is not confusing. He is doing this intentionally. Wake up! It’s been THREE LONG YEARS, and he continues to do this.

Catholics can no longer stand by and fool themselves into thinking that Pope Francis is a great Pope. He isn’t even a good Pope. He is, quite possibly, the worst Pope to have ever existed in the entire history of the Catholic Church. He has woven a path of destruction throughout his entire papacy, this just being more icing on the cake, another nail in the coffin.

Pope Honorius was excommunicated after he had died, not because he was a heretic or taught error, but because he refused to denounce an error that existed during his Papacy, which riddled and weakened the Church. Pope Francis not only refuses to denounce the evils of this world, but he tauts false evils that are politically popular, and encourages evil behavior by those who wish the Church to fail.

There are no more excuses to make for this Pope. He has proven time and time again, that he is not an ally of Jesus Christ and His Church, but an enemy. Pray for him and pray that our next Pope will be a holy man of God who will fix the Church and the errors of this world.

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A Timeline of Pope Francis’ Craziness

For those of you who follow this blog, the Facebook page, or even my Twitter account, you know that I am highly critical of Pope Francis and the vast majority of his papacy. There have been times in which I have agreed with him, but it doesn’t occur very often. Many of my critics seem to believe that I am actively looking for screw ups so that I can be critical. Any blemish I can find I blow out of proportion to have an excuse to rant. In short, I’m an angry Pharisee, who is only happy when I’m putting others down. This can’t be further from the truth.


The truth is, I was initially optimistic about Pope Francis. I did have an initial gut punch when I heard he was from South America, as the Catholic Church is currently hemorrhaging and the fault is through her bishops and priests who allow for a litany of liturgical abuses to occur, all in the name of “ecumenicism” and “culture.”  But, when he stepped out onto the loggia, I thought he looked like Pope Pius XII and thought he might be okay.


However, after only a couple of weeks, I noticed things about him that were odd. Things such as refusing to bless people in fear that they might be offended, failure to wear the wardrobe of the Pope, placing beach balls on altars, and berating those who offered him rosary bouquets. I began following him on a daily basis. What did Pope Francis do today, I’d ask. And each day, he seemed to say or do something contrary to Catholic teaching or doctrine.

Now, three years later, I have seen a LOT of things that this Pope has done and the vast majority of his papacy is not well. I understand how those who do not pay attention on a regular basis would assume that his oddities are perhaps but one mistake out of an entire month. Rather, his oddities are daily, sometimes even multiple times in one day.

I’ve often wondered, if only there were a way to go back in time and keep a record of the things he has said or done day by day so that others might see what I am seeing. The amount of time it would take to put together such a website is daunting. Having to go back to the very beginning only a short, but long three years ago would be difficult as there is quite a list of things he has done or said and he does not stop.

Thankfully, a reader alerted me the other day how someone has indeed done just this. Over at the website The Wild Voice, they have put together a compilation of all the wacky and absurd things that Pope Francis has done since he took the throne on March 13, 2013. This website is updated as Pope Francis adds more to his repertoire.

I highly encourage you to take some time and read through this massive list. It may seem daunting, but you will see what I see and will learn how Pope Francis is not preaching the words of Jesus Christ or the Catholic Church. UPDATE 2/18/2016: I would only read through the list that I have linked. The rest of the site is related to false apparitions attributed to a false seer called “Maria Divine Mercy”. The list is good, the rest isn’t.

I also ask that you pray for the conversion of Pope Francis, that he convert away from the path he is leading and instead return to the teachings of the Church.

“May his days be short, and may his bishopric, another take.” Psalm 108:8

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Pope Francis Snubs 2,000 Years of Church Teaching…Again…

Two years ago to the day, I wrote my first post in which I was highly critical of Pope Francis. I received a lot of backlash from many close friends in which they accused me of starting to go off the rails and questioned if I was really on team Catholic. By the end of the night, I had received so many complaints from such close friends and even family that I ended up pulling the article and apologizing. It was the first time I had ever retracted a post and it has haunted me ever since.

None of the thoughts I had in the article have gone away. If anything, they have become stronger since my original article was published and have been validated by some of the antics performed by Pope Francis.

Seeing as this is the second anniversary of publishing and pulling the article, I have decided to republish it. What you will read below is the original article with only minor edits made for grammar and to clarify any points that I feel need further explanation. This article was the first time in which I felt that calling Pope Francis a heretic was not only warranted, but justified based on the teachings that Christ and His Church has given us. We see further evidence of Pope Francis’ disdain for Christ and His Church only recently when the Bishop of Rome while meeting with Lutherans, informed them that if they could receive the Holy Eucharist during Communion if they discussed it with God and felt called.

It is even more important that we revisit this article as it is the Year of Mercy and we must understand that the mercy that Pope Francis speaks of is not the same mercy that Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ speaks of throughout the Gospels.

Originally posted on February 13, 2014:

Today, during his Wednesday audience, Pope Francis said:

“If you do not feel in need of God’s mercy, if you do not feel you are a sinner, then it’s better not go to Mass, because we go to Mass because we are sinners and we want to receive the forgiveness of Jesus, to participate in His redemption, His forgiveness.”

This statement is contrary to 2,000 years of Catholic teaching.


I understand some of you want to defend him, as he is the Pope after all, but this error cannot stand. This statement is a blatant disregard for church teaching, and can not be defended as a “well if you look deeper” moment.

His statement isn’t a “well what he’s trying to say is that you should want to go to Mass. Otherwise, you shouldn’t go” moment either. Obviously, the soul who, in his humility and full understanding of the Mass and Christ’s presence in the Eucharist and His sacrifice on Calvary, would desire to go to Mass. This statement says nothing of that.

Let’s use another analogy. What would happen if I was to say to your child “if you do not feel that you are in need of your parent’s mercy, or feel that your room is dirty, it is better that you do not clean your room”? You would tell me how crazy I am and inform me that your child would not clean his room. Ever.

Similarly, the poor soul who thinks that they do not need God’s mercy because really, we are all good people, and when we die we go to Heaven no matter what (another heresy), will think that they do not need to go to Mass.

No matter how you look at it, if you replace it with any scenario it comes out wrong, especially the fact that we are required as Catholics to attend Mass every single week.

I’m tired of hearing the nonsense that comes out of Pope Francis’ mouth. (And how much more nonsense has he spewed in the last two years?)

Unfortunately, there is nothing charitable to be said about what he said today; it is just wrong no matter how you spin it, or how you look at it. Yes, we should want to go to Mass as that is the desirable attitude we should strive for continually.

However, giving an ambiguous statement like this is irresponsible, reckless and, unfortunately, is a condemnation of these poor souls to go to Hell. It permits anyone who is Catholic in name only, and doesn’t feel like going to Mass can now say “well, Pope Francis said I don’t have to go to Mass unless I want to”

Missing Mass on Sundays without a serious reason (and by serious I mean something that will prevent you from going such as dangerous weather, No Mass within a reasonable distance of going, or for health reasons) is a mortal sin. If we die with unconfessed mortal sin, we will go to Hell. That is 2,000 years worth of Church teaching. That is dogma.

Frankly, I cannot wait for the heresies of this papacy to end. Pope Francis has made a mockery of the pontificate; he’s made a mockery of the papacy, and he has made a mockery of the Catholic Church.

These mockeries would not stand in any age of the Church, but only in the post-conciliar age where anything goes, as long as it feels good and makes you happy.

Pray for Pope Francis and pray that God will not let this travesty continue however He sees fit. May Our Lord’s Holy Will be done and may you stay in a state of grace.

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A Penitential Season

A blessed Ash Wednesday and Lent to you. It is the time of the year when Catholics begin their Lenten fasts to help them live a better, holier, and fruitful life. It is also the time of year when many give up various internet activities though I hope reading my blog isn’t one of them.


Lent has always been exciting for me. I’ve never been one to make New Years Resolutions because I usually give up after the first week, but Lent is different. There is something about giving up something for the glory of God that inspires me to continue and persevere. I admit that come Easter Sunday, I usually over indulge on whatever it was that I gave up, but the sacrifice has taught me that I didn’t need whatever it was that I was giving up. After all, if you can live without something for 40 days, there is a good chance that you don’t need it to live at all.

But there are many earthly pleasures in this life that we really don’t need in order to live a happy life, let alone to survive, but we have fooled ourselves into thinking that what we are indulging in brings us happiness and joy, yet it only fills an emptiness within ourselves that can only be filled by Jesus Christ. This hole only grows if we do not fill it with prayer, fasting, penance, almsgiving, and works.

As St. Augustine says “our hearts are restless until they rest in you” and there is much wisdom in this. As God created us to worship Him and only Him, we will not be at peace until we put God above all persons and things.

This Lent, place your heart in Our Lord’s most sacred hands and allow Him to fill your heart with His love and peace. May your Lent be prayerful and fruitful.

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