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The Real Reason We Can’t Have the Latin Mass

January 11, 2016 | 25 Comments

We can’t have the Traditional Latin Mass because the vast majority of prelates at all levels within the Church hierarchy do not want the Traditional Latin Mass. Many of these men are indeed enemies of the Church and are only priests so that they can attempt to change the Church from within. Those brave men who do want to offer the Traditional Latin Mass are given pushback by their parishioners and their bishops.

The parishioners who actively resist the Traditional Latin Mass do so with such venom that it is hard to call them faithful Catholics. The Traditional Latin Mass has been around for the vast majority of the Church’s existence, the same Mass which has formed and sanctified the majority of those select few we can call Saints. It is obvious that they are either enemies of the Church or demonically possessed. I say this because if you mention the Traditional Latin Mass around them, they begin to squirm and become uneasy.

Meanwhile, the priests who want to celebrate this beautiful liturgy are faced with pushback from their bishops. These bishops, who have been entrusted with the care of souls, do more harm than good by denying his flock the graces found at this superior liturgy. Sometimes it is out of malice, and sometimes it is because the bishop is a deviant and doesn’t want the grace of God to be given to the souls entrusted to his care.

Many will argue that it’s about “the numbers.” Others will say there’s a lack of interest. But until the TLM is made available at every single parish, the Church will continue its downward spiral into chaos and anarchy.

The Novus Ordo is a different theology that embraces the people who are present at the Liturgy and places God as secondary. The Tridentine Mass is Catholic theology which embraces God and forces those present to recognize their sins and beg God for forgiveness.

Catholics today don’t want a Mass that will bring them closer to God to live a good and holy life. They want a Mass that will bring them into communion with their neighbor, complete with feel-good homilies from a pastor who tells them what they want to hear, how they are doing their best and God won’t judge them. This is why you can’t have the Traditional Latin Mass.

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  1. We are also struggling with our priest offering the Latin Mass to community. He wants to allow a married deacon to give holy communion to the traditional group, but we are fighting against it.

  2. I stopped reading after the “demonically possessed” part. It’s ironic that the title of your website says that you are introducing reason and logic to an age of sentimentalism yet you claim demonic possession over anything that you lack understanding. This is not logic, this is the opposite of what you claim you are not, sentimental. Claiming demonic possession over something you dont understand IS a sentimentality.

    It’s a good thing this isn’t the 16th century anymore because hyper Catholics like you can’t send an inquisition or a squad to kill people who dont believe in the same fundamentalist Catholicism as you do. It is not God that you worship, you worship Latin. I doubt God only accepts people who worship in Latin.

    Work on rhetoric.

    • There are different levels of demonic possession. Temptation is one of them and is the simplest. Why should thr devil be taken out of the equation? He is trying hard to destroy the catholic tradition which we hold. The mass is a worship centered to God. It’s the highest form of worship.

  3. If one only focus’ on the so called “main stream” Novus Ordo church then yes there is indeed a problem. Thankfully it is a problem I do not worry about as an SSPX faithful. The number of young men entering the seminary is ever growing so much so that the US district had to build a bigger seminary because they are at the point of turning applicants away. So if you want the Traditional Mass and Sacraments there really is no worry as far as I am concerned. Even the number of faithful grows as more and more Catholics are returning to Tradition including young people and young families. Perhaps that is something you don’t want readers to know – that there is no need to fear as the SSPX remains alive and strong.

    • Thanks, Brad. I honestly had forgotten about the SSPX, sadly. I suppose my thoughts were on fixing the errors within the Church, though in reality, as St. Athanasius once said, “even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the Church.” Thanks for sharing this great news!

    • The SSPX is a self proclaimed schismatic group. The say they don’t want to have anything to do with the Novus Ordo which they claim is a different religion, a different faith, while at the same time claiming the head of that different faith as their head, and still refuse obedience to him. That is classic schism. They believe their pope is a two headed monster, and the head of two different religions.

      • “The SSPX is a self proclaimed schismatic group.”
        No, it isn’t. The SSPX were falsely proclaimed schismatic by the Vatican and by the majority of mainstream Catholicism.

        “The say they don’t want to have anything to do with the Novus Ordo which they claim is a different religion, a different faith, while at the same time claiming the head of that different faith as their head, and still refuse obedience to him.”
        There are plenty of orders that have nothing to do with the Novus Ordo. The FSSP, the FFI, and the Institute of Christ the King, to name a few. Whenever the Holy Father has requested their presence, they oblige. Plenty of Cardinals have stated that there is nothing wrong with what they preach.

  4. I am against sedavacantist,sspx and othe sects that claim to be the real catholic. Their approach is the same as protestantism. Novus Ordo mass is designed for the people. It has a trace of protestantism in it. But its still a mass. Its the mass that I attend because it is easily accessible. I have attended a latin mass and it is very beautiful. I attend the Novus Ordo because it still has the eucharist which is the center of the mass.

    • The SSPX is a valid order. Their canonical status is irregular. Pope Benedict worked to get them back in the fold and Pope Francis has allowed their confessions to be valid during the Year of Mercy.

      I disagree with the “as long as Jesus is there it’s okay” reasoning. So many irreverent Novus Ordo Masses are excused because of this reasoning. Yes, Jesus is present, so shouldn’t we be giving Him the absolute​ best as He is Our Lord and Savior? Doesn’t God deserve the best Liturgy possible?

    • sedevacantist maybe, but the SSPX is a bit different. Basically, if they are not Catholic, then neither was St. Athanasius. If the are not Catholic, then anyone who practiced Catholicism prior to VII was not Catholic, since the SSPX hasn’t changed anything, and they recognize PF as pope. And yes, saying the NO is valid is not the same thing as saying it is edifying.

  5. I am off to the Orthodox. Call me when the Catholic Church repudiates Vatican II. I can no longer stomach modern Catholic spiritual anarchy. Pray for me, a wretched sinner.

  6. With all due respect, I believe that you are failing to apply Napoleon’s maxim: “Never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence.” Most priests and bishops these days do not wish to serve the Latin Mass because they CAN NOT do so. Since 1967, most seminaries dropped Latin studies like a live hand grenade. And even for those few priests still alive who went to seminary before then, most of those were poorly trained in Latin as well. To use a Latin phrase, Nemo dat quod non habet: No one can give what they do not have.

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  8. By examining the apparitions at LaSalette and Fatima, I think we can reasonably conclude that the Church is in eclipse and we are living the Third Secret of Fatima — as well as acknowledging Pope Paul VI’s comment that the “smoke of Satan” has entered the inner sanctum of the Vatican. I agree that the NO is not in keeping with fulfilling our duty to God by shifting the focus away from Him and more in line with the “feel good” spirit of Protestant Christianity. Keep close the the Blessed Mother and pray her Rosary every day. These are our best weapons in this age where God’s grace is hard to find.

  9. Thank you for allowing me to be privy to this conversation….I thought I was the only one having these “oh, oh” feelings. My consolation has been the knowledge that the Lord says He will not abandon us…
    That being said I miss the Latin Mass and it was bogus to say that we ,in attendance ,didn’t understand what was going on..we had our missals, the homily was in our native language wherever we were and the meaning of the Latin Phrases were not subject to new interpretations at a whim.

    That being said, I love this Pope and pray for him. Deo Gratias!

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