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The Major Problem with Laudato Si and Climate Change

October 28, 2015 | 1 Comment

While much ink has been spilled over the issues presented in Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, there is one point that seems to be glossed over from basic theology. While reading Frank J. Sheed’s “Theology for Beginners”, I came across a very simple piece of theology that explains why the fear that man will destroy the world is completely unfounded.


“The philosophers tell us that angels could, so powerful are they, destroy our material universe if the mightier power of God did not prevent them – as that same power will prevent man from destroying it until God wills that it should end.”

Simply put, angels have such power that they can destroy the world. God, in His infinite justice, has infinite power that He too, can destroy the world in a blink of an eye. But God, in His mercy, prevents this power from destroying the world simply because of His will. Man, no matter how hard he may try, will never be able to destroy the world with his finite power, unless God Himself wills it.

The Creation of Adam

All of these scare tactics by the climate alarmists are unfounded, but because they fail to look upwards towards Heaven and are instead focused on the material life of this world, fear that man can destroy it. Even sillier is how an encyclical now has these same scare tactics claiming that the world will end if we do not adhere to the scientific community’s lies and falsified data.

Our “common home” is not Earth, but Heaven. But of course, if one doesn’t believe in Heaven and believes that there is nothing after this life, then they will cling to this world and will not let it go. We as Catholics are called not to be attached to this world, but the next, where we will be united with Christ. Live a holy life so that we can spend an eternity with God in Heaven, our common home.

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