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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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What’s the Purpose of This Papacy?

July 10, 2015 | Comments Off on What’s the Purpose of This Papacy?

The purpose of this papacy is to cause division within the Church. It is to separate the flock, those who adhere to the Church and her teachings, from her enemies, heretics, modernists, etc. This papacy provides clear lines in the sand to separate ourselves.

Dont Sit on the Fence

Those who have been sitting on the fence are being forced off by God’s grace to choose a side. Stand up and defend Christ and His Bride, or perish in the flames of the upcoming persecution.

This papacy invites those on the enemy’s side to repent and join Christ’s side.

This papacy has removed the blinders that have been holding back many on Christ’s side from fulfilling their potential. But those who choose to keep them on will face the wrath of God when His Just Hand smashes into “Mother Earth”.

Hammer and sickle Pope Smile


That being said, pray the Rosary daily, stay in a state of grace, go to confession frequently, attend Mass, make reparation to the Sacred Heart for the blasphemies this world commits. It is only going to get worse from here on out.