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Ann Barnhardt on the Novus Ordo Mass

July 15, 2015 | Comments Off on Ann Barnhardt on the Novus Ordo Mass

Over at Creative Minority Report, Pat Archbold has interviewed Ann Barnhardt. The topic? The Novus Ordo Mass. Ann raises good points in regards to the LICITITY of the Novus Ordo compared to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Tridentine Mass

You might remember I weighed in on the topic a couple of months ago.

Unlike myself, Ann is more eloquent than myself.

Please, read her interview over here. The paragraph that struck me the most:

Before there can be any discussion of the Novus Ordo the concepts of  “validity” and “licitness” must be understood.  If a Mass is INVALID, Our Lord does NOT come down on the altar, the Eucharist is NOT confected and the Holy Sacrifice is NOT offered.  If a Mass is ILLICIT, the Eucharist is confected and Our Lord does come, but He is, depending on the severity of the infraction and motivation of the malefactor, in a range from displeased to very, very angry.  But with whom is He angry?  According to St. Thomas Aquinas, Our Lord is angry not only with the priest, but also with the PEOPLE who tolerate and embrace the liturgical faults and crimes of the clergy.  In fact, St. Thomas said that people who consent to liturgical abuse do not “obtain the reality of the sacrament”.