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Laudato Si, Laudato Do

June 24, 2015 | 3 Comments

I read a fantastic article at The Remnant titled “Why I’m Disregarding Laudato Si and You Should Too” by Chris Jackson. It is a very lengthy article, but is worth the time it takes for Mr. Jackson to dissect and critique parts of the encyclical. You can read the article HERE.


While Laudato Si is an encyclical coming from Pope Francis, I am not going to spend any time reading it in its entirety. I will read the paragraphs that are highlighted in articles, but I will not read it from start to finish, at least not anytime soon. There are better things to read. Just because I choose not to read Laudato Si completely, this does not mean that I cannot speak freely and express my opinion upon the encyclical either. Using the aforementioned mentality, you cannot critique nor condemn anything immoral if you do not partake of it.

The language we find in Laudato Si could have been written by Al Gore or any other “climate change” alarmist. Data has been released stating that so-called Climate Change is nothing but an elaborate hoax. It does not exist. Because climate change isn’t real, the urgency demonstrated in this encyclical festers into nothingness.

It is true that Pope Francis condemns abortion in this document. However, he spends as much time condemning abortion as he does air conditioning. The destruction of innocent life and the running of air conditioning are not comparable, nor even on the same moral plane. Abortion is murder, one of the four sins that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. Running the air conditioner is not even a venial sin.

There is much evil lurking in the world. ISIS, the destruction of the Church from within, homosexuality being ushered in across the globe are but a few examples of the evils this world is plagued with. It leads one to wonder what the Holy Father is thinking when his priority is not addressing these evils, but perpetuating the lies that have been handed to us by corrupt organizations who look for ways to bring about the Catholic Church’s destruction.

The bits and pieces of this encyclical I have read sheds light on Pope Francis’ beliefs. He lacks a basic understanding of Catholic principles. He has no belief in the story of Creation as told in the book of Genesis. Jesus is not needed in this call to “save the world” as Our Lord is hardly mentioned. Pope Francis has said “proselytism is solemn non-sense” when it comes to Catholicism, but proselytizes in an entire encyclical on the need for the world to help “sister Earth”.

The entire encyclical is riddled and laced with modernism, a heresy as given in an encyclical by Pope St. Pius X. Those who disagree with my assessments and those of Mr. Jackson’s will eagerly ignore Pascendi Dominici Gregis. We will be accused of “cherry-picking” the beliefs that we like while ignoring others, all too similarly to them, who pay no heed to the dangers that prior Popes have forewarned us of.

While there may be “some good things” within this encyclical, we should expect the Pope to write an encyclical that is full of good things. If you were handed a brownie and there was just “a smidge of poo” in it, would you still consume the brownie, eating around the poo, or would you throw it away? Effectively, we have been given a poo brownie with Laudato Si, and I will not be consuming any of it.

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  1. The ‘poo brownie’ bit was a hilariously accurate parallel. My kids around the table almost spit out their milk.

    • I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I generally like to use the poison in water analogy when describing heresy mixed in with Truth, but a lot of people refuse to acknowledge heresy as poison, even though it is detrimental to the soul. I have found the poop brownie works, because most people will at least acknowledge heresy as crap.

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