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My 2015 Predictions

January 1, 2015 | 3 Comments


As we ring in the New Year, I would like to make my predictions for 2015.

  1. The Synod on the Family will be a complete and utter disaster. It will be so poor and awful, 2014’s Synod will appear as child’s play.
  2. Pope Francis will make several poor bishop appointments in the US which will promote liberals.
  3. The FFI will be further persecuted. Their case will either be left in limbo, or they will be accused of “heresy”.
  4. Catholicism will further be suppressed from within and outside the Church. Tradition will be suppressed in all corners as much as possible.
  5. The Traditional Latin Mass will grow in some areas, and will be hindered in others.
  6. Novelty will continue to be embraced as ” the only way to grow the Church”.
  7. I will blog more than The Old Evangelization.
  8. Pope Francis will no longer be Pope.

This year, I hope my predictions are wrong on all accounts.

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  2. You hope you’re wrong on no. 8???!! I don’t! I am curious, though, as to why you think that. Very intriguing.

  3. #1 — a matter of opinion
    #2 — he will appoint liberals when he can, that goes without saying
    #3 — good prediction, we will see
    #4 — a matter of opinion
    #5 — vague, probably will happen, but too vague to make any claims about
    #6 — again, vague, though I agree with you
    #7 — self fulfilling prophesy, pointless
    #8 — I actually agree on this one, sadly

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