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USCCB Releases American Catholics From Sunday Obligation

December 3, 2014 | 7 Comments


Washington, DC- Late Wednesday morning, the USCCB announced Catholics in America are no longer bound to attend Mass on Sundays.

At a scheduled press conference, Archbishop Scott Wiley stated “with the difficulty it takes for the average American Catholic to attend a weekly Sunday Mass, we determined to abrogate the mandatory requirement. Besides, the Second Vatican Council brought in fresh breath within the Church. We can not spread the Good News if we as Catholics are stuck in Mass for an hour each week.”

Archbishop Wiley cited clear teaching from Pope Francis’ Wednesday audience in February of 2014 when the Holy Father declared “If you do not feel in need of God’s mercy, if you do not feel you are a sinner, then it’s better not go to Mass, because we go to Mass because we are sinners and we want to receive the forgiveness of Jesus, to participate in His redemption, His forgiveness.”

This comes as great news for some Catholics. Josh Peters, parisioner of St. Malarchy in Brooklyn, New York told us, “it’s difficult to get up on Sunday after staying up late with friends Saturday night. Then you’ve got Sunday football which takes up most of the afternoon and evening, plus tailgating and socializing prior to the game. You really don’t have time to fit in Mass.”

At press time, Archbishop Wiley mentioned “most American Catholics have already stopped going to Mass on Sundays anyways. We’ve already lifted the obligation for most of our feasts, so really, this was the next logical step. But don’t worry, Easter and Christmas are still Holy Days, for now.”

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  1. But what about the up coming Holy Day of Obligation on December 8? That’s a Monday. I believe it’s Wear a Veil to Mass Day. I think we women should go and wear a veil!!!

    You can always miss the Vigil Mass on Sunday evening.

    • This is actually a satire piece. Sundays are always Holy Days and even this upcoming Monday is as well. And yes, please please wear a veil, it is incredibly beautiful when women do this.

      God bless.

  2. im not seeing this quote anywhere jeff.. if they did this there would be civil war. they dont have the authority to do that. it would go against dogma. where is the quote from?

      • You’re right!…erhm…it kind of helps to like read the rest of the article. Now I get it. Though I would state that Pope Francis quote could have an alternative meaning. He states: “If you do not feel in need of God’s mercy, if you do not feel you are a sinner, then it’s better not go to Mass…”

        What is the center of the mass? The climax of it? Its the Eucharist. To recieve the Eucharist in a state of mind and heart: I do not need Gods mercy, is blasphemy. Its a serious sin. I think that is what he is getting at…Dont participate and receive this sacrament if you are of the mind that you want to reject mercy.

        The problem is that this is not what was said. He is not correct objectively even though I suspect he was referring to receiving. And actually the more you think about it, it goes beyond the sacrament. I mean think about it:…The entire mass is a cry of Gods mercy throughout…How many times at mass to we emplore God for mercy? Many times. If we are not doing that and sitting in the pew, we are basically not there anyways. I think thats why he is getting at, though objectively one should still go to mass regardless as grace can move ones heart and these are the people that need a good homily.

  3. It’s the most fun when people don’t get the satire! 😉 The problem with this one in particular is that it’s too believable! :/

    You could be right up there with EOTT soon, Jeff!

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