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The “Gay Mafia” Report

September 18, 2014 | 3 Comments

I was reminded today of Pope Benedict’s abdication of the throne. Within a week after his announcement, the news was ablaze with a 300-page document detailing an intricate “gay network” within the Vatican.

Pope Benedict

When news of this broke, many people were shocked. Questions were asked as to what would happen with this document. We were told Pope Benedict would pass this along to his successor and let him deal with it as he saw fit. Pope Benedict felt the amount of work which would be needed to clean up a mess like this was unfitting and too daunting a task for the aging Pontiff.

Hilary White, writing for LifeSiteNews, details the story in greater depth. After a year and a half of her publication, the urgency surrounding this document has disappeared. Read the article and see for yourself. It is odd.

The sudden disappearance of this document leaves many questions to be answered. Was it given to Pope Francis? Was it destroyed? After all, to my knowledge and understanding, there only existed one copy of this document. Regardless, you would think those who spent the time working on this document would have tried to come up with a copy to give to His Holiness.

Perhaps he does have a copy and is saving it for the upcoming Synod of the Family. Either way, it is strange something so pressing around the abdication of Pope Emeritus Benedict, has completely vanished into thin air.

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