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One Easy Trick To Get Your Newborn To Fall Asleep

September 21, 2014 | 3 Comments

Being a first time father, I am quickly learning how tiresome and difficult parenting can be. Don’t get me wrong, parenting comes with many rewards that make everything worth it.

The most frustrating aspect of parenting in my view is getting your newborn to sleep.

Newborn Crying


I have discovered a method that has put my newborn to sleep generally within 5 minutes.

I have put on Gregorian Chant when it is time for bedtime. It does work for naps, but I have found it works better at night time.

Gregorian Chant is the highest form of music in the Church. Chant demands calmness. Chant relaxes the body and mind and puts it in a state of readiness for prayer. As newborns are still trying to figure out how to calm themselves in order that they might fall asleep, Chant is a perfect music to help put them to ease.

Giving your newborn Chant now will also allow them to develop a fondness for it as they grow up. It will acclimate them so they will be ready to worship properly and reverently when they get older.

We as Catholics should recover the lost beauty of Gregorian Chant in our every day lives. Our Catholic Identity depends on this beautiful music that gives praise to God in the language of the Church. We are Roman Catholics of the Latin Rite, as you rediscover your Catholic faith, ensure that you rediscover Latin.

Help yourself to Pandora’s Free Gregorian Chant Station.

So, give your child the gift of chant, and give yourself the gift of a full night of sleep.

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    • Ha! I was just thinking that, yeah, the music did make little man fall asleep at Mass on Sunday, but those darn bells. Jolted him right awake. ;D

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