Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Reintroducing Logic and Reason to the Age of Sentimentalism

On the Road of Inclusiveness

Liberal Catholics or even moderate Catholics will tell us we need to be embracing of migrants and immigrants to the country. They tell us we should even assimilate our culture to theirs while slowly losing our own identity. They tell us we should be learning Spanish and the other languages these new neighbors will be speaking, so they do not have to learn ours. We need to be more welcoming in a spirit of diversity. We need to be more inclusive.

one way

When it comes to the Traditional Latin Mass, these same Catholics will tell you it’s not worth learning this language and we do not need to bother with the old.

So much for being inclusive, assimilating to other cultures or learning other languages.

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The Official Theme Song For Synod on the Family

After much perusing the internet, I believe I have discovered the official theme song for the Synod on the Family that is to take place during October 5-19, 2014.

It is possible that this song would be played before and after each Mass that is celebrated by the Bishops and Cardinals that will be in attendance.

Enjoy this beautiful song that brings glory to God.

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One Easy Trick To Get Your Newborn To Fall Asleep

Being a first time father, I am quickly learning how tiresome and difficult parenting can be. Don’t get me wrong, parenting comes with many rewards that make everything worth it.

The most frustrating aspect of parenting in my view is getting your newborn to sleep.

Newborn Crying


I have discovered a method that has put my newborn to sleep generally within 5 minutes.

I have put on Gregorian Chant when it is time for bedtime. It does work for naps, but I have found it works better at night time.

Gregorian Chant is the highest form of music in the Church. Chant demands calmness. Chant relaxes the body and mind and puts it in a state of readiness for prayer. As newborns are still trying to figure out how to calm themselves in order that they might fall asleep, Chant is a perfect music to help put them to ease.

Giving your newborn Chant now will also allow them to develop a fondness for it as they grow up. It will acclimate them so they will be ready to worship properly and reverently when they get older.

We as Catholics should recover the lost beauty of Gregorian Chant in our every day lives. Our Catholic Identity depends on this beautiful music that gives praise to God in the language of the Church. We are Roman Catholics of the Latin Rite, as you rediscover your Catholic faith, ensure that you rediscover Latin.

Help yourself to Pandora’s Free Gregorian Chant Station.

So, give your child the gift of chant, and give yourself the gift of a full night of sleep.

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The “Gay Mafia” Report

I was reminded today of Pope Benedict’s abdication of the throne. Within a week after his announcement, the news was ablaze with a 300-page document detailing an intricate “gay network” within the Vatican.

Pope Benedict

When news of this broke, many people were shocked. Questions were asked as to what would happen with this document. We were told Pope Benedict would pass this along to his successor and let him deal with it as he saw fit. Pope Benedict felt the amount of work which would be needed to clean up a mess like this was unfitting and too daunting a task for the aging Pontiff.

Hilary White, writing for LifeSiteNews, details the story in greater depth. After a year and a half of her publication, the urgency surrounding this document has disappeared. Read the article and see for yourself. It is odd.

The sudden disappearance of this document leaves many questions to be answered. Was it given to Pope Francis? Was it destroyed? After all, to my knowledge and understanding, there only existed one copy of this document. Regardless, you would think those who spent the time working on this document would have tried to come up with a copy to give to His Holiness.

Perhaps he does have a copy and is saving it for the upcoming Synod of the Family. Either way, it is strange something so pressing around the abdication of Pope Emeritus Benedict, has completely vanished into thin air.

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Thoughts on the Cancellation of Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s Canonization

As you have more than likely heard by now, Cardinal Dolan has cancelled Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s cause for canonization. At least for the time being.


Ultimately, what the entire squabble was over was the Diocese of Peoria, Illinois requested that the Archdiocese of New York release Archbishop Sheen’s remains to them. The Diocese of Peoria is where Archbishop Sheen is originally from and the diocese that is heading his cause. It makes sense why they would make such a request. In addition, they would need to examine his body to get first class relics for veneration.

Cardinal Dolan didn’t want to transfer Archbishop Sheen’s remains. He even talked to the Vatican and they didn’t want Archbishop Sheen’s remains to be moved. Why?

Because in America it would be taboo. Americans would find it weird.

This excuse is a cop out of the highest degree. When did the emotions of the United States get to rule the decisions of the Catholic Church?

Cardinal Dolan has made it very clear that he will do whatever he can to make himself popular in the eyes of the secular world. He has gone out of his way to squash any scent of Tradition. Holy Innocents in Manhattan is a thriving Latin Mass community that is out of debt and bringing in money. Yet, the parish is one of the few churches that is up for closure. Meanwhile, St. Francis, a parish that promotes openly homosexual pride Masses, and has been losing money for years, is perfectly okay and in the clear.

Cardinal Dolan goes out of his way to support anybody that is even close to homosexual. Now, while we are not allowed to condemn anyone because of their sin, it is a far different story to condone them and even congratulate them in it.

What is even more intriguing is the Vatican’s play in all of this. The Vatican has raced through Pope John Paul 2’s canonization, decreeing him a saint in only 8 years. The Vatican approved of Pope John XXIII’s canonization even though he only had one of the two required miracles. There is now talk that Pope Paul VI and Pope John I are in the works of being canonized with alleged “miracles”. There are many more cases of saints being rushed through without the required miracles.

Meanwhile, real saints like Pope Pius XII, Pope Pius XI, and Archbishop Sheen are stalled because “there is not enough evidence”. All the while the faithful have been sending evidence and petitioning for their causes.

Archbishop Sheen interceded in a miracle that was recently approved a few months ago by his cause. In this miracle, a stillborn baby who was not breathing for over an hour miraculously came back to life. This baby should have had massive health issues due to lack of oxygen to the brain for such an extended time. The child is completely healthy to this day.

Pope John Paul 2 once said to Archbishop Fulton Sheen:

You have written and spoken well of the Lord, Jesus. You are a loyal son of the Church.

Why then would his cause be completely derailed? They are opposing a “Sainted Pope”, an accusation that has been thrown at me for disagreeing with Pope John Paul II on the Luminous Mysteries.

It is clear to me that Archbishop Sheen’s cause has been completely thwarted because of exactly that quote. Archbishop Sheen fought valiantly for Christ and His Church, something that many in the Church leadership today, including Cardinal Dolan, refuse to do.

If you listen to Archbishop Sheen’s talks, he does not mince words and pronounces the Truth the way it needs to be spoken. The Truth does not change over time.

If you compared Archbishop Sheen’s teachings with most of the prelates of today, it would be evident that they are not following the same faith they appear to proclaim.

In the Post-Vatican 2 Church, if you have ever appeared to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and His Church, you are automatically black-listed. Meanwhile, those who have no problem dining with sinners are extolled as joyful witnesses to the “Spirit”.


The whole scenario smells of cheese. Rotten cheese.


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