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Mortal Sin Against the Fifth Commandment – Engagement in Unjust Lawsuits

May 21, 2014 | Comments Off on Mortal Sin Against the Fifth Commandment – Engagement in Unjust Lawsuits

The Fifth Commandment: “You Shall Not Kill”

stone-tablet-fifth-commandmentWillful Engagement In Unjust Lawsuits

We have all seen the news stories in which some loon sues over the slightest of infraction that makes his feelings hurt. It is so common that we even make satire out of it. It is the reason why America has so many of the world’s lawyers.

As useful as it is to engage in lawsuits when you have been wronged or had something taken from you, it has become abused. On top of that, when we engage in lawsuits that are obviously unjust, we are in a sense killing the person we are suing by taking away from their livelihood.

When I took a law class in college, we discussed generally how you would go about engaging someone in a lawsuit. If you are injured, you sue based on the legal fees, the doctor fees and whatever time you lose from not being able to work from said injury. In some instances you would also put a value on the “mental duress” sustained for the injury.

Most would agree that this would be fair. Most would also agree that you do not have to engage in a lawsuit in order to make even. Real men and women of character do not have to get the courts involved, assuming the other party is willing to work it out. Real men and women of virtue also don’t go about trying to nickle and dime the person they are suing.

hammer and gavel

Going after the person for every penny they own robs them of their ability to provide for themselves as well as their family. If you go after a corporation or company, you are robbing employees of their jobs. You are taking what isn’t yours and harming the opposing party of living.

Again, the courts have a purpose, for when you can not settle a dispute with your neighbor civilly. If you are going to bring suit or litigation, make sure that it is fair.

This also goes for you lawyers. If a prospective client brings forth a case that is obviously frivolous, it would be a mortal sin to take it.

Frivolous lawsuits are what make the courts so slow in America, leaving those cases that are just sitting on the sidelines, waiting for their court date.