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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Of Masses and Acronyms

As I’m sure that most of you who frequent this blog have noticed, that I mention the Traditional Latin Mass or TLM for short, very often. I also talk about the Novus Ordo Mass or NO for short as well.

I’ve thought about it, and it occurred to me that a lot of people do something rather silly when talking about the two Masses. I do it as well! What is the silly thing?

We aren’t doing our acronyms correctly! People generally say NO Mass or TLM (no separated Mass). So, here’s my fix. Why not use the acronym NOM? If the Mass for the Traditional Latin Mass is abbreviated, shouldn’t it be abbreviated for the Novus Ordo?

So, from now on, I declare that the Novus Ordo Mass should be abbreviated to NOM. Please watch the video below, so that you can memorize this new acronym.

Nom nom nom!

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Federal Government Will Give “Rights” to Queers

It is with great sadness that I write this. There are reports in the media that on Monday morning Attorney General Eric Holder, will go a head and allow those who engage in sins that cry out to Heaven, legal “rights” of a normal couple. That is, they will recognize the same rights that all of those that are currently married in a correct marriage, between a man and a woman.

It’s very clear, that this government is anti-Christian. They do not believe that they have to be subordinate to God. They believe that they are a god. Unfortunately, this is not so. They also believe that they are the ones who are to determine what are sins, and what are not.

Homosexuality and all other sexual disorders are not worthy of becoming legal. These are sins which should be corrected, not endorsed.

When we make immoral actions legal, it allows those that engage in them, to stray from the path of virtue, the path that leads to Heaven.

I suggest that we pray and fast that this decision does not actually occur.

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FFI Petition

I have mentioned the FFI before. It appears that there is a new petition taking off.

The petition can be downloaded at this link.

You will either need to print it off and mail it to the address on there, or you will need to rescan it and email it to them.

Rorate Caeli did a good investigation on the FFI. There is much going on there.

Like I’ve mentioned before, if you are a traditionalist, you are an enemy, and if you are for all things new, then you are a friend.

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An Updated Blogroll

I have updated the blogroll on the right hand side of the page (if you scroll down a wee bit).

I have removed Bad Catholic, as I have found that most of what has been posted lately, hasn’t really been worth sharing, and have added four blogs that I feel are worth sharing.

  1. Fr. Z is still up there, I have been reading him now for a good 6 years or so. I owe a lot of my knowledge to the faith to his blog.
  2. Mundabor is a blog I’ve been reading for quite some time. He provides good coverage on what is going on these days and is blunt. Some may find him to be too traditionalist, but, oh well.
  3. Harvesting the Fruit is a blog I have just gotten into recently, but the coverage is accurate and very traditional.
  4. The Old Evangelization is a blog of a good friend of mine. We consult with each other frequently.
  5. Eye of the Tiber is a great parody news site (much like the Onion). The points that they make through their parody of current events is quite good.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other blogs out there that are worth mentioning, but, these are what are currently on my radar. If you would like to recommend some for me to peruse, feel free to comment. I will allow my blogroll to grow to 10 spots. After that, I will not be adding anymore until I take one down.

Happy reading!

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