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Of Masses and Acronyms

February 16, 2014 | Comments Off on Of Masses and Acronyms

As I’m sure that most of you who frequent this blog have noticed, that I mention the Traditional Latin Mass or TLM for short, very often. I also talk about the Novus Ordo Mass or NO for short as well.

I’ve thought about it, and it occurred to me that a lot of people do something rather silly when talking about the two Masses. I do it as well! What is the silly thing?

We aren’t doing our acronyms correctly! People generally say NO Mass or TLM (no separated Mass). So, here’s my fix. Why not use the acronym NOM? If the Mass for the Traditional Latin Mass is abbreviated, shouldn’t it be abbreviated for the Novus Ordo?

So, from now on, I declare that the Novus Ordo Mass should be abbreviated to NOM. Please watch the video below, so that you can memorize this new acronym.

Nom nom nom!