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Another Questioner Silenced

February 26, 2014 | 3 Comments

It’s very interesting times we live in. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the attitudes which have occurred post-Vatican 2. Traditionalists are okay casualties, yet non-traditionalists are not.

Apparently, it is okay to give a free-pass to the Evangelicals and the Pentecostals, but apparently anyone who holds strong to Tradition is treated as the enemy. Publicly pro-abortion or pro-homosexual activity? Promotion. Publicly traditional? Demotion, silencing, shunning, etc. Just another day for the Church of Nice as Michael Voris has wisely put it.

How many priests, bishops and cardinals actively stand in direct disobedience to the Church on many issues of morals and no one bats an eye at them? Meanwhile, whenever a priest, bishop or cardinal talks about the TLM or bringing back more of our Catholic identity, and they are practically excommunicated from the Church? Think FFI or even the SSPX.

Apparently, Patrick Archbold, a blogger for the National Catholic Register, wrote a fantastic article in which he said Pope Francis is the perfect Pope to help reconcile the FFI and the SSPX into the grace of the Catholic Church. After all, Pope Francis made a video for the Pentecostals! Why not extend this invitation?

Well, apparently within minutes of him posting it on their website, they (the NCR) took it down.

Read the article over at Creative Minority Report, which happens to be Patrick Archbold’s own blog.

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  1. I understand that this story has really angered or titillated some people, but the reality is a lot more mundane. Have you read Archbold’s clarification?

    Someone at Fr. Zuhlsdorf’s blog discussed it with the Register, too. Read it here:

    “I asked the Register why the article was taken down. The Managing Editor said, ‘The bottom line is that there was one last theological review in order because the post covers a sensitive topic. There was a miscommunication about this and the post went up without that review. Once it went live the situation took on a life of its own. Pat’s call to extend grace for reconciliation is laudable and we certainly have no disagreement with it. As it is, the related challenges that ensued resulted in the perception that we disagreed with Pat’s expressed desire for the healing of the schism, which is not at all the case.’ I then asked, ‘Is it possible that the article will be posted after a satisfactory theological review or has it already went through the theological review and was found lacking? In either event, I believe some sort of public clarification is in order, in my humble opinion.’ He stated, ‘Patrick posted the article on Creative Minority report. So we won’t be posting that particular one. But you can be sure we will have similar pieces from him and others down the road.’”

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