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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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On Time Machines and Off the Cuff Statements

January 28, 2014 | 2 Comments

I’ve  thought how I wish I had a time machine which allowed me to go one day into the future. I do this, come back to the “present” and say “I’ve had a revelation!” and present what Pope Francis had said the next day. People spend time to correct me and explain why I’m wrong. Following the next day after Pope Francis says it, the same people explain how brilliant and insightful he is.

I tease slightly, because I can, and after all, Pope Francis is one who can accept teasing, no? After all, he is very humble. But, this is the reality of what we live in today.

pope francis and the lamb

It saddens me. What used to be obviously wrong, is no longer such, because…Pope Francis said it.

If I were to say to you a year ago, you had nothing to fear when you die and are judged, because Jesus is standing next to you, and you can rest and be reassured by this, you would feed me to the wolves. You would correct me, and rightly so. No, Jesus judges you when you die. But, Pope Francis says it, and we hear “how insightful!” We are so lucky to have a Pope like him!

I receive much criticism for my concerns, and they are valid concerns. But, generally speaking, the same people who will criticize me, and more than likely, you as well, for questioning the methods of Pope Francis, will have no resolves to condemn the Popes of the 16th century who abused their Papal power. Apparently, if the Pope is dead and stole from the Church, he is a monster (and rightly so), but if a Pope is alive and steals daily from the deposit of Faith which has been entrusted to him, he is a “Saint”.

Criticism and concern is valid when it relates to the Truth of Catholicism and how her teaching is shared. However, when the criticism and concern is for changing Church Teaching (as the heretics and secular society demands) it is unwarranted.

And so I am not accused of targeting the Pope and not praying for him, please say a Hail Mary, or 3, or 5 or a decade of the Rosary for the Pope.

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