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My 2013 Predictions…How’d I Do?

December 18, 2013 | 1 Comment

About a year ago I made some predictions for the 2013 year. Now that we are only two weeks away from 2014, I say, it is time that I evaluate how well my predictions came out.

Without further ado, let’s see how I did, with my comments in bold.

  1. The world will continue and not end on December 21, 2012 proving that the Mayans really didn’t know what they were talking about. (Well, this was obviously a fairly safe prediction. Nonetheless, we made it!) PASS
  2. Father Corapi will magically reappear, in a similar fashion to how he magically disappeared. (Father Corapi never reappeared, at least as far as I know of.) FAIL
  3. Pope Benedict will exceed Kim Kardashian in Twitter followers. Kim will cry and make a million dollars. (Well, this was interesting, Pope Benedict abdicated the throne, and Pope Francis came in. Unfortunately as of this writing, Pope Francis (@pontifex) has 3,387,881 followers and Kim Kardashian has 18,843,015 followers.) FAIL
  4. President Barack Obama will use the tragic Newtown, CT school shooting as a ploy to destroy the Second Amendment. Many Americans will support him in this, throwing logic out the window. (President Obama did attempt to use the shooting to destroy the Second Amendment, but there really hasn’t been widespread success for gun control laws. There have been a few new laws here and there, but in my opinion not enough to say that I was correct.) FAIL
  5. I will get around to writing out my conversion story for the purposes of the blog. (I did write that! Read that now.) PASS
  6. I’ll finish the Mortal Sin Series. I still have 7 Commandments to get through, not to mention Venial Sins against the Commandments as well.  (I wrote something up for the 4th Commandment…) FAIL
  7. The Latin Mass will continue to make leaps and bounds as it continues to grow in popularity among the faithful. (The Latin Mass has been growing throughout the country slowly. However, with the recent news of the FFI, this could be in danger. Since I did say “leaps and bounds” and it only grew slowly, I failed on this one too.) FAIL
  8. Pro-abortion politicians will begin to be publicly ex-communicated. (Cardinal Burke did come out and say that they should be denied communion but, no ex-communications.) FAIL
  9. Obamacare will become official law as of January 1. However, upon seeing how terrible it is, it will get thrown out by August. (It hasn’t been thrown out yet, but many people are upset with it…maybe next year?) FAIL
  10. Catholicism and Christianity will continue to be assaulted by the Government. (Duh.) PASS

Out of 10 predictions, I only got 3 of them right, for a score of 30%, also known as a big fat F. Oh well. Keep an eye out for my 2014 predictions within the next few days.

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