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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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My 2014 Predictions

The other day, I commented on how my 2013 fared. In short, not so good. But, that’s okay, I never claimed to be a prophet, and predictions are just that, predictions.

I thought I’d share what I think 2014 will hold for us. Without further ado:

  1. Our Lady of Medjugorje will be denounced by Rome as being an invalid apparition, however, Rome will still declare that Medjugorje is a good pilgrimage site.
  2. There will be a very public, and violent attack against Christians and faithful Catholics in the United States.
  3. Catholic employers will be arrested for refusing to provide contraception to their employees.
  4. The Mainstream Media will turn on Pope Francis because he refuses to accept their false views on women’s ordination and homosexuality.
  5. Because of this Pope Francis’ popularity will begin to become low. What will attribute to this is his already apparent disapproval of faithful Catholics.
  6. Pope Francis will announce the canonization of Pope Paul VI, without the second needed miracle.
  7. I will post more often than The Old Evangelization.
  8. I will finalize my Mortal Sin Series to better help you all understand what sins are mortal and why.

I hope and pray that you all had a great 2013 and with any luck, 2014 will be even better.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you! Have a blessed day with your family and friends. May the birth of our Lord be an inspiration to you all!

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How The Early Christians Worshiped On Sundays

Have you ever wondered how the first Christians worshiped? I have, and its actually fairly interesting. Today, with all the different denominations arguing about “proper worship” and what “best way to glorify Jesus”, it would be nice to know how they did it way back in the early days. Well, luckily, there are the writings of an early Christian, Justin Martyr who wrote out exactly how they spent their Sunday.

On the day we call the day of the sun, all who dwell in the city or country gather in the same place.

The memoirs of the apostles and the writings of the prophets are read, as much as time permits.

When the reader has finished, he who presides over those gathered admonishes and challenges them to imitate these beautiful things.

Then we all rise together and offer prayers* for ourselves . . .and for all others, wherever they may be, so that we may be found righteous by our life and actions, and faithful to the commandments, so as to obtain eternal salvation.

When the prayers are concluded we exchange the kiss.

Then someone brings bread and a cup of water and wine mixed together to him who presides over the brethren.

He takes them and offers praise and glory to the Father of the universe, through the name of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and for a considerable time he gives thanks (in Greek: eucharistian) that we have been judged worthy of these gifts.

When he has concluded the prayers and thanksgivings, all present give voice to an acclamation by saying: ‘Amen.’

When he who presides has given thanks and the people have responded, those whom we call deacons give to those present the “eucharisted” bread, wine and water and take them to those who are absent.

St Justin Martyr

If you are a Catholic, it is obvious how they celebrated. It is the Catholic Mass. It isn’t a “worship service”. It isn’t a “praise and worship” event. It is a Mass.

Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church and the Catholic Mass follows all that Jesus taught us. If you want to be a follower of Christ, then you must likewise be a follower of His Church.

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My 2013 Predictions…How’d I Do?

About a year ago I made some predictions for the 2013 year. Now that we are only two weeks away from 2014, I say, it is time that I evaluate how well my predictions came out.

Without further ado, let’s see how I did, with my comments in bold.

  1. The world will continue and not end on December 21, 2012 proving that the Mayans really didn’t know what they were talking about. (Well, this was obviously a fairly safe prediction. Nonetheless, we made it!) PASS
  2. Father Corapi will magically reappear, in a similar fashion to how he magically disappeared. (Father Corapi never reappeared, at least as far as I know of.) FAIL
  3. Pope Benedict will exceed Kim Kardashian in Twitter followers. Kim will cry and make a million dollars. (Well, this was interesting, Pope Benedict abdicated the throne, and Pope Francis came in. Unfortunately as of this writing, Pope Francis (@pontifex) has 3,387,881 followers and Kim Kardashian has 18,843,015 followers.) FAIL
  4. President Barack Obama will use the tragic Newtown, CT school shooting as a ploy to destroy the Second Amendment. Many Americans will support him in this, throwing logic out the window. (President Obama did attempt to use the shooting to destroy the Second Amendment, but there really hasn’t been widespread success for gun control laws. There have been a few new laws here and there, but in my opinion not enough to say that I was correct.) FAIL
  5. I will get around to writing out my conversion story for the purposes of the blog. (I did write that! Read that now.) PASS
  6. I’ll finish the Mortal Sin Series. I still have 7 Commandments to get through, not to mention Venial Sins against the Commandments as well.  (I wrote something up for the 4th Commandment…) FAIL
  7. The Latin Mass will continue to make leaps and bounds as it continues to grow in popularity among the faithful. (The Latin Mass has been growing throughout the country slowly. However, with the recent news of the FFI, this could be in danger. Since I did say “leaps and bounds” and it only grew slowly, I failed on this one too.) FAIL
  8. Pro-abortion politicians will begin to be publicly ex-communicated. (Cardinal Burke did come out and say that they should be denied communion but, no ex-communications.) FAIL
  9. Obamacare will become official law as of January 1. However, upon seeing how terrible it is, it will get thrown out by August. (It hasn’t been thrown out yet, but many people are upset with it…maybe next year?) FAIL
  10. Catholicism and Christianity will continue to be assaulted by the Government. (Duh.) PASS

Out of 10 predictions, I only got 3 of them right, for a score of 30%, also known as a big fat F. Oh well. Keep an eye out for my 2014 predictions within the next few days.

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Reno Erat Rudolphus

File this under your just-to-cool folder:

It was brought to my attention that someone transcribed the popular Christmas song “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” into Latin. And then comprised that to be sung as Gregorian Chant.

Just more proof that everything is better in Latin, and sung in Gregorian Chant!


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