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Pope Francis Corrects Three Errors Of His

November 26, 2013 | Comments Off on Pope Francis Corrects Three Errors Of His

Almost two months ago, Pope Francis gave an interview in the Italian Newspaper “la Repubblica”, with atheist journalist Eugenio Scalfari. In short, it was a disaster. Things were said that didn’t sound Catholic, let alone Christian. It was drenched with wishy-washiness that seemed unfitting for the Vicar of Christ to say. I wrote about my reaction to it here.

Pope Francis

Well, Pope Francis corrected some issues with that interview and a few other issues in regards to what he has said having been misreported. Sandro Magister has the piece on his site (read that first, then come back here for my take):

Apparently, Eugenio Scalfari took some liberties when writing his piece. He didn’t write down notes, he didn’t tape it, he did it from memory and on top of that, he rewrote what Pope Francis originally said and put it in his own words:  “…And that some of the things that I attribute to you you did not say. But I put them there so that the reader may understand who you are.”

What a joke.

Even more sad is that during the entire time, many were saying that “no, this is what Pope Francis really says, we need to figure out what he means”. This, as it turns out, was all a waste. If the interview wasn’t Pope Francis’ actual words, than any energy spent trying to understand what Pope Francis meant is all but gone, because it doesn’t even matter. The lens that was used to interpret the Pope is a lens with a bad prescription, it is to be thrown out, because this lens doesn’t even exist.

Meanwhile, those who actually did question the Pope were persecuted. Their faith and loyalty to the Catholic Church were brought out in question. They were dragged out into the open to the sounds of screams and shouts of “how dare you question the Vicar of Christ!?” And yet, they were correct in their assessment that it was wrong.

On top of that, a frequent argument used was “You can’t criticize the Pope!”. However, Pope Francis disagrees:

Pope Francis not only listened to the criticisms of his friend, he welcomed them. To the point of thanking him, in the letter he had read on November 12, for having helped him in “correcting an error or imprecision on my part.”

It seems that there is much dishonesty going on in the Vatican, a corruption, if you will. I’m happy that Pope Francis is at least taking ownership over this, and correcting it. It shows a great deal of humility to publicly come forth and admit that one is wrong.

To me, it seems that Pope Francis may be realizing that as a Pope, there are many more eyes on him. The Main Stream Media, will take any inch that he gives them, and stretch it for a mile. They are relentless, because they are in the pocket of the Devil. However, these are just three errors that he has corrected.

I think that this shows a turning point. He can’t correct every single error overnight (though, I know some would disagree), but I think that based on this, we are once again heading in the right direction. I give huge kudos to Pope Francis.

I have also been very careful as to not read anybody else’s take on this article, so that you will get my own opinion. Again, I could be wrong, and there are many others more knowledgeable and smarter than I.


Let’s see what the next few weeks have in store (especially Evangelii Gaudium).