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Friday Is All Saint’s Day

October 27, 2013 | Comments Off on Friday Is All Saint’s Day


This Friday, November 1, is All Saint’s Day. Come to think of it, every November 1 is All Saint’s Day. It is kind of like Christmas, it falls on the same day each year. But, what is the significance of All Saint’s Day?

It’s a Holy Day of Obligation!

This means its a mortal sin to miss Mass! Frankly, anytime that we are obligated as Catholics to attend Mass, it is a good thing. For us as Americans it feels like it is an inconvenience, after all, its Friday night! We have places to go! Well, the average parish will more than likely have a 7pm Mass that you can go to. Heck, they may even have some during the day. But, even so, a 7pm Mass will not ruin out on your Friday night plans.

The great thing about All Saint’s Day, is it gives us as Catholics an opportunity to spend time to honor those Saints who have gone before us. It’s a spectacular feast! After all, we are all called by God to be Saints. I know many people hear that and cringe, but, it is what we are called to be. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. This includes those who aren’t Catholic. God wants everybody to follow Him and to be a part of His Church. Which is why we as Catholics are called to evangelize!

To prepare for All Saint’s Day, it would be good to think of your favorite Saint(s). Whether you have one or many and spend some time in prayer this week and talk to them. Ask them for help in your lives, reflect on their life and see how you can become better. If you don’t have a favorite Saint, spend some time looking around. I found that Catholic Online has an amazing resource for a great number of the declared Saints.

Go to Mass on Friday. Your soul needs it. Also, because you’ve read this, you can’t say that you forgot :D.

Happy All Saint's Day

It isn’t today, but this Friday 😉