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A Thought on Pope Francis’ Style

October 15, 2013 | Comments Off on A Thought on Pope Francis’ Style

If you read my post on Pope Francis’ recent article, you’d know I was very confused, a little, upset and even more-so irritated at some of the things that were said.


I’ve spent much time reflecting on it. To be perfectly blunt, I think about these kinds of things all the time. I can’t help but ponder. It keeps my brain sharp (though, I’m sure some would disagree). So, I thought I’d share something that I am wondering.

Now, I know that most traditionalists will outright disagree with this (more or less-so), and I can sympathize with them, after all, the name of this blog does begin with Traditional. I know disagreements will be shed, but, out of charity for the Pope, and just to add more fodder to the conversation, I will share what I am pondering.

Pope Francis is going out of his way, to be ambiguous with what he says. He does this because he knows that the media will eat this up, and report it. And normally, the media has to go out of its way to find something that a Pope says, distort it, and then report it as if the Pope has changed Catholic teaching. Pope Francis though, in his off-the-cuff interviews, will say things that sound, well, non-Catholic. The media rejoices. “This is a Pope of the People!” they shout and proclaim.

What if Pope Francis is doing this on purpose? He knows that the media will love him, after all, the media has portrayed him favorably since day one. However, he hasn’t changed Church teaching on anything, but now, us Catholics who are educated, now have to go and tell what the Pope is really saying.

Or, to rephrase it: Pope Francis is using ambiguous language that secular society enjoys, so that they talk about it and it is forcing Catholics to actually engage in the discussion, discussion that we wouldn’t be having if he just stuck to the normal “Catholic lingo”?

I know that there will be many that disagree with me. In fact, I have to question it myself. Yes, I am questioning this. It is a charitable response to have. I raise this question because I have not had to defend my Catholic faith as much since becoming Catholic 7 years ago, as I have in the last 7 months. I’ve been recruited on the battle field. I’ve been drafted.

If this thought, that seems to have come out of the blue, heck, maybe given to me by the Holy Spirit (God does work in mysterious ways), then perhaps, as time goes on through Pope Francis’ papacy, we will see him say more things and enlighten secular society into the Truth of Catholicism. Until then, I am still on the fence.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that I am no longer a Catholic, as the Catholic Church is the Church that Jesus Christ founded. I am just stating my disagreements. I pray for Pope Francis daily, as all Catholics are called to do. I still practice my faith. I STILL PLEDGE LOYALTY AND OBEDIENCE TO THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND THE POPE. I just disagree with some of his statements.