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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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How Is Your Prayer Life Going?

August 9, 2013 | Comments Off on How Is Your Prayer Life Going?

I’m going to be a bit serious for a moment and ask you a question: How is your prayer life going? Are you getting your prayers in like you want to? Your daily devotionals, your weekly rituals or monthly festivities?

We as Catholics need to start engaging our friends, family and even our fellow Catholics in asking them how their prayer life is going. We are all in this battle together, and just like soldiers make sure there are no men who are unable to fight, we must ensure that our allies are able to stay afloat. We are all a chain, and if there is a weak link within that chain, then the whole chain breaks.

I invite all of you to get back into a prayer routine if you’ve fallen away from it, and for those of you who are doing well, I suggest adding a new devotional that you haven’t done in a while, or even a devotional that you have been wanting to try, but just haven’t made the plunge yet. It’s okay to start something new, because God can use that new devotional to touch us in ways that we normally wouldn’t have been touched. We as Catholics are blessed to have so many different prayers, devotionals and liturgies available for our use.

Lord Jesus, I ask you to help me in becoming the person you have created me to become. Help me to be the Saint you want me to be. Stir in my heart the desire to come closer to you. Guide me to the devotion that you want me to add, so that you can speak to me through that. Amen.