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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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New Domain Names and Updates

July 18, 2013 | Comments Off on New Domain Names and Updates

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to update you on some exciting new plans for the blog.

First, the what has been done.

I just purchased two domains for the blog. The two names I purchased were:
Currently, if you are to click on either link, they will redirect you back to this domain ( Plans are laid that over time I will have hosting be solely on one or the other (probably I will be making multiple announcements when I do move everything over and I will probably keep this blogspot domain up for a year or two in case people are busy and don’t see it.

Secondly, the future plans.

I am currently in the process of creating a cafe press store in order to help promote the blog, but, more importantly Catholicism and spreading the faith effectively. I will try to keep the prices on items low and affordable, and the money raised will be used to cover the costs of the blog hosting, servers, and any other costs incurred (should be incredibly minimal). Anything over that will be used for charities that help spread the Catholic faith. They will be reputable and I will do my research to ensure that.

On blog related notes: I have come up with several good ideas for posts that I will have to hash out. I’m having my conversion story edited and looked over. I have several more people that I need to read over it before I will post it publicly. I have a bunch of book reviews to write up as well. This month has been incredibly busy and probably won’t slow down, so I’ll post as time permits.

I hope that you are all doing well. God bless!