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Fortnight For Freedom 2013

June 21, 2013 | Comments Off on Fortnight For Freedom 2013

The USCCB has asked all American Catholics to celebrate the Fortnight for Freedom beginning today, June 21 and going through July 4.

The Fortnight for Freedom asks us all to pray and fast for religious freedom. This was started last year in response to that awful HHS Mandate forcing all religious employers to violate their consciences in regards to contraception. Ironically, those in favor of on-demand contraception will tell you to stay out of their lives in the bedroom, but will then immediately demand that you give them free contraception…
Regardless, there are many things on the USCCB’s website for what you can do. They even have a page that lists off various activities going on within your diocese.
God can do much for us in prayer, we just have to ask for it. My suggestions would be to make a daily sacrifice (fast) from something you enjoy. Whether it be a food, beverage, activity or anything that you enjoy. Sacrifices are good. I’d also encourage prayer for conversions, Adoration Hours, Daily Mass intentions, Rosaries, Divine Mercy Chaplets, really, the list goes on and on, but do something.
As families gather around the dinner table and talk about what’s going on. Inform your children about the dangers this would lead to. If you can as a family go to activities that your diocese or parish is doing, go. The Catholic Church is in trouble in America, as evidenced by everything our President has done, said or implied.
Catholic martyrdom is coming in America, and really, is already here in some forms. Pray that we don’t have to undergo this test, pray for conversions of those threatening us, and most importantly, pray that you have the strength and grace needed if you are to be martyred.
Remember, those who are martyred are granted straight entrance into Heaven.