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The Boston Marathon Bombings

April 16, 2013 | Comments Off on The Boston Marathon Bombings

As you have probably already heard, there were multiple bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday.

From what the latest reports are saying, it appears that there are only 3 deaths. All lives lost is a tragedy, and I’m not trying to underscore their deaths, I’m pointing out though, that for it to only be 3, is very fortunate. About 176 people were injured, though, I’m sure this number will rise. Hopefully, with lots of prayer, the injured will stay alive.

Many of these people will have a new life in front of them. Some of these people will not be amputees. I can’t imagine what it would be like to one minute be able to walk, and the next have lost a limb. They face a very difficult struggle in the days to come and my prayers will be with them.

I would ask that you add the people to your personal prayer intentions.

The explosion itself was…horrifying to watch. There were many emotions I felt while watching it. Anger, compassion, rage, sadness, hopelessness are just a few. I’ll attach a video of a cameraman who was filming at the finish line when it went off. WARNING: It is very graphic, if you are sensitive to this, do not watch. You’ve been warned.


What amazes me was the swift response by Boston’s finest during this mass confusion. I’m also amazed at the volunteer’s and many of the bystander’s quick response in helping pull the gates off to get to the wounded. This is a perfect example of love and selflessness.

I haven’t heard much if they found the guy/gal/group responsible for this yet or not. I hope they do obviously.

Its to be remembered that whoever did do this, needs prayers. Jesus told us specifically to pray for our enemies. It is hard. It is supposed to be. If they ask for forgiveness and repent, it will be given to them. We are all sinners, and its difficult to fathom why God would forgive someone for causing this much destruction, but God’s love and mercy extends to all. Jesus died on the Cross for all of us, but it is up to us to ask for it.

Pray for Boston.